Our Diversity is our Strength

MKAI is deeply invested in promoting AI literacy and inclusion. 

With an executive team hailing from every continent and an AI community representing over 100 countries we want individuals, ecology and organisations to thrive in an AI-augmented future. We recognise that the rapid advancement of AI technologies presents both opportunities and challenges, and we are committed to ensuring that leaders are prepared to meet them head-on.

Our initiatives are designed to empower people with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage AI effectively and responsibly. We partner with educational institutions, governments, businesses, and NGOs to deliver comprehensive AI education and training programmes. 

Our commitment to education and facilitation extends to fostering a deeper understanding of AI ethics and governance. We believe that an informed and empowered populace is the cornerstone of a society that uses AI to enhance human capabilities and well-being.


Providing Vital Perspectives

Our mission is to connect diverse minds and deliver facilitation and upskilling that make new technologies more inclusive, accessible and rooted in environmentally sustainable values. 

We create safe spaces for everyone to learn about and contribute meaningfully to the global conversation about how AI will shape our future, influence our lives and effect our ecosystems.


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Promoting AI Literacy, Inclusivity and Accountability

MKAI provides the following programmes of work:

AI Dialogue Facilitation

MKAI offers a specialised in-house facilitation service designed to cultivate an informed and inclusive dialogue on AI within organisations and institutions. Our approach is centred on creating a space where diverse perspectives can converge to explore the ethical dimensions of AI technology.

Through our service, we aim to empower teams and leaders with the understanding necessary to navigate AI’s challenges and opportunities responsibly. We bring our expertise directly to you, fostering a culture of ethical awareness and collaborative problem-solving that is essential for harnessing AI’s potential in a way that aligns with your organisation’s values and societal expectations.

AI Education and Upskilling​

MKAI partners with educational institutions to empower leaders, faculty, teachers, students, and the broader business community with the skills and comprehension needed to thrive in an AI-driven future.

We deliver comprehensive AI upskilling and reskilling initiatives, supported by educational funding, to enhance digital literacy and foster innovation. Our programmes are meticulously crafted to bolster AI competencies, encourage entrepreneurial spirit, and facilitate the integration of AI technologies across various sectors. Through interactive workshops, tailored courses, and bespoke development pathways, we aim to elevate the AI and Ethics acumen within academia and industry alike.

AI Ethics Leaders Forum​

The AI Ethics Leaders Forum is an innovative initiative that brings together senior executives to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborative action on AI ethics, safety, transparency, and accountability. This forum serves as a unique platform for peer-to-peer engagement. It aims to fill the current gap in corporate conversations about AI, offering a confidential and respectful environment for leaders to share insights, challenges, and best practices in ethical AI implementation.

Key activities of the forum include regular meetings to discuss evolving topics in AI ethics, expert-led sessions providing guidance and insights, and the sharing of case studies to illustrate real-world applications of ethical AI. The forum emphasises the importance of confidentiality, ensuring a safe space for open dialogue. Participants gain access to a network of peers and practical knowledge to implement ethical AI strategies in their organisations.


Shaping a Responsible AI Future

MKAI, which stands for Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, was initially established to connect AI enthusiasts. As the COVID pandemic led us to transition online, our global community rapidly expanded, presenting us with a unique and time-sensitive opportunity to influence the worldwide narrative on the responsible creation, implementation, and regulation of AI.

At the core of our values lie inclusion and kindness, fostering a safe environment for everyone to learn, grow, and engage in meaningful discussions about AI’s opportunities, risks, and potential impacts.

MKAI serves as an inclusive bridge into crucial conversations surrounding AI development and governance. We leverage the diverse insights we gather to drive projects that incorporate these innovative ideas into businesses and society at large.


MKAI Events are Inclusive

MKAI organises inclusive online events designed to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, enhancing their knowledge and comprehension of how emerging technologies continue to transform our lives, the environment, and businesses.


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What people say about MKAI

Merve Hickok

Founder at AIethicist.org

MKAI is a great inclusive community. It has been a great pleasure to interact with the community on AI ethics & policy on many occasions and I am always happy to be involved. I really like the fact that the community is open to all perspectives and not afraid to ask the hard questions on AI.

Debbie Reynolds

The Data Diva

MKAI is a fantastic organization which continually succeeds in bringing together some of the most striking talent in the, privacy and AI space. This is a unique organization that brings together multidisciplinary thinkers from all over the globe to collaborate and learn from one another. I am always thrilled to work with MKAI and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to dig deep into AI.
Dr. Daniel Hulme

Chief AI Officer at WPP ​

MKAI is one of the best AI knowledge sharing platforms I’ve had the pleasure to be part of.