Our Diversity is our Strength

MKAI – Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, was founded in 2019 with the vision to drive and shape the responsible and ethical development of artificial intelligence, ensuring its benefits reach all of humanity.


With roots in Bletchley, United Kingdom, the MKAI community now reaches over 100 countries. Our heritage remains important to us, and we recognise that the work of the codebreakers, including Alan Turing, over 60 years ago at Bletchley Park, was more than a monumental achievement in cryptography; it demonstrated the true power of diversity in solving complex problems. Bletchley’s legacy was further cemented by hosting the AI Safety Summit in 2022 and the subsequent Bletchley Declaration, highlighting the significance of collaborative, joined-up thinking in this historic place.


Our journey has been marked by significant milestones and triumphs, including collaborative work with the United Nations, impactful projects in the education sector to shape pedagogy, and advising governments around the world on their AI strategies. Here are some key numbers that highlight our reach and impact:


  • We have held over 200 AI forums globally.
  • More than 175,000 messages have been exchanged within the MKAI community.
  • Over 8,000 participants have joined our conferences and workshop programmes.
  • We have produced 30+ influential reports on AI ethics and governance.

Why We Do This

The rapid advancement of AI technologies presents both incredible opportunities and significant ethical challenges. At MKAI, we believe that AI, when developed and deployed responsibly, has the potential to profoundly enhance human capabilities and well-being. However, the journey to harnessing this potential is fraught with ethical dilemmas, biases, and risks of misuse.

Our mission is to prepare and empower leaders to navigate these complexities with informed and ethical decision-making. We recognise that achieving ethical AI is not just about technological advancements, but about fostering a deep understanding of the societal implications, encouraging transparent and inclusive discussions, and promoting accountability at all levels.

By engaging with a diverse global community, we strive to ensure that AI development prioritises fairness, transparency, and the well-being of all individuals. We facilitate dialogues, provide education and training, and produce actionable insights that guide decision-makers. Our goal is to create a future where AI serves the greater good, enhancing lives, supporting sustainable development, and ensuring equitable access to its benefits across all sectors of society.

Through our comprehensive programmes and initiatives, we work to bridge the gap between technology and ethics, helping leaders worldwide to not only embrace AI’s potential but also to steward its development in ways that reflect our collective values and aspirations.


MKAI is esteemed as a pivotal thought leader in the realm of responsible ai. Our reputation is built on the pillars of an expansive network, meticulous research, and the consistent provision of high-calibre insights. Renowned globally, we serve as a trusted resource for businesses, academic institutions, and governmental agencies aiming to navigate the complexities of ai ethically and effectively.


Our community, which spans over 100 countries, embodies a rich mosaic of perspectives and expertise. This global representation ensures that our initiatives, guidelines, and discussions reflect a comprehensive understanding of ethical ai challenges and solutions across different cultural and socio-economic contexts. Through this diverse and inclusive approach, MKAI not only contributes to the advancement of ai but also ensures that its development is aligned with universal values of equity and accountability.


Defining Success at MKAI

At MKAI, success is deeply rooted in our daily actions and our strategic long-term vision. Our aim is to create a sustainable and ethical AI future through consistent, committed efforts that resonate both immediately and over time. Here’s how we define our success:

  • Equipping Leaders Daily: Every day, we engage with our community, providing them with the resources, discussions, and educational tools necessary to become informed and ethical influencers in the AI space. Success for us is measured by the daily growth in our members’ competence and confidence to lead discussions and initiatives around responsible AI.


  • Shaping Policy Through Sustained Engagement: Our success is reflected in our persistent efforts to engage with policymakers, industry leaders, and academics to ensure that ethical considerations are at the forefront of AI development and governance. By influencing policy on an ongoing basis, we help integrate these considerations into national and international standards.


  • Fostering Inclusivity as a Core Practice: Each day at MKAI, we strive to expand our reach and include diverse perspectives from around the globe. Our long-term success hinges on building a widely inclusive network that not only shares but also shapes the benefits of AI, ensuring they are accessible across varied socio-economic groups.


  • Promoting Accountability Every Step of the Way: MKAI champions transparency and accountability in AI by advocating for and implementing policies that ensure these principles are embedded in every AI initiative from the outset. Our daily interactions and long-term initiatives are geared towards establishing a culture of accountability within the AI community.


Our Founder

Richard Foster-Fletcher

Richard Foster-Fletcher is the visionary founder of MKAI, driven by a deep passion for ethical AI and its potential to transform society. Host of the Boundless Podcast, Richard has produced over 250 episodes, engaging in critical discussions about AI developments and their implications.

Richard has delivered influential talks about AI in numerous countries, provided evidence to the House of Lords, and advised governments around the world. His contributions extend to prestigious institutions, and he is a board advisor for the African Institute of AI and the South Central Institute of Technology.

Concerned about the ethical challenges posed by AI, Richard is committed to fostering inclusive and transparent dialogues. Known for his courage to ask difficult questions, he also ensures that everyone has a voice in these important conversations. He once extended an online forum by an additional 3.5 hours to ensure that every participant had a chance to express their views.

Richard’s commitment to providing free resources and regular events underscores his belief in accessibility and inclusivity. His leadership continues to inspire and guide MKAI’s mission to shape a responsible and equitable AI future.


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What people say about MKAI

Merve Hickok

Founder at AIethicist.org

MKAI is a great inclusive community. It has been a great pleasure to interact with the community on AI ethics & policy on many occasions and I am always happy to be involved. I really like the fact that the community is open to all perspectives and not afraid to ask the hard questions on AI.

Debbie Reynolds

The Data Diva

MKAI is a fantastic organization which continually succeeds in bringing together some of the most striking talent in the, privacy and AI space. This is a unique organization that brings together multidisciplinary thinkers from all over the globe to collaborate and learn from one another. I am always thrilled to work with MKAI and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to dig deep into AI.
Dr. Daniel Hulme

Chief AI Officer at WPP ​

MKAI is one of the best AI knowledge sharing platforms I’ve had the pleasure to be part of.