Who we are

The Inclusive Community for Emerging Technologies

Welcome to MKAI.org: Empowering a Sustainable Future through Capacity Building and Innovation

At MKAI.org, we are a global development agency committed to capacity building for governments and the education sector. Supported by a diverse community and network spanning over 102 countries, we champion human rights, environmental sustainability, and inclusion.

Our mission is to create a better future by leveraging emerging technologies and fostering innovation.

What we do

1. Strategic Innovation & Governance Partnerships 🌍 

We forge collaborative relationships with governments and educational institutions to catalyse, deploy, and govern emerging technologies. Our partnerships drive transformative change, enabling sustainable progress in education and public policy.

2. Thought Leadership & Engagement 🧠 

We cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge sharing and discussion to shape the future of digital technologies, business models, and sustainability. Our thought leadership initiatives include:

  • Quarterly Summits: In-depth explorations of the intersection between technology, business, and sustainability.
  • Community Calls: Regular virtual gatherings to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Expert Interviews: Conversations with industry leaders and visionaries.
  • Monthly Forums: Themed events for deep-dives into pressing topics.

Our Services

Services for Further Education

MKAI works collaboratively with further education colleges to harness the power of Emerging technologies for students, educators, leaders and the local business community. 

To accomplish this, MKAI provides digital upskilling, awareness, and development programmes to further education colleges. These programmes are designed to promote entrepreneurship and improve digital skills. They also aim to increase the uptake of emerging technologies across local industries and companies. Our offerings include workshops, courses, and personalised development pathways.

Services for Governments, IGOs and NGOs

MKAI works with local and central governments, along with IGOs, NGOs and Development Banks around the world to harness the benefits of emerging technologies that can help to promote innovation, job creation and environmental sustainability. 

To achieve this, MKAI offers tailored digital upskilling, awareness and development programmes to governments and institutions seeking to promote entrepreneurship, improve digital skills, and increase the uptake of emerging technologies across local industries and companies. MKAI offerings include workshops, courses and personalised development pathways.

Diverse Perspectives for reducing Artificial Intelligence risks

MKAI provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) risks identification for businesses, institutions and governments via our diverse community. We help to reduce the harms, exclusions, biases and problems associated with AI data and Models via our diverse perspectives stakeholder community.

To achieve this, we incorporate the expertise of the MKAI community, the premier collective for Artificial Intelligence (AI) diverse risk identification for businesses, institutions and governments. With the world’s largest and most diverse specialist risk identification community, MKAI harnesses unique lived experiences and perspectives to help identify potential risks and harms arising from the use of AI.

Our Commitment

We prioritise people and the planet over profit, driving sustainable growth and impact. As we continue to expand our reach, revenue, and influence, our commitment to positive change remains steadfast.

Join us on our journey towards a more inclusive, innovative, and sustainable world. Explore our initiatives, connect with our global community, and become a part of the change you wish to see.

Welcome to the MKAI.org family. Together, we can build a better tomorrow.

Our Values

1. Championing diversity and inclusion in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The field of AI has been facing a diversity crisis, resulting in flawed systems that perpetuate gender and racial biases. At MKAI, we understand the gravity of this situation and are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in everything we do. We recognise the importance of collaborating with diverse individuals to build fair and unbiased AI systems.

2. Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

At MKAI, we strongly believe that all organisations have a responsibility to develop technologies that not only create profit but also contribute to society’s sustainable and equitable development. We are committed to promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and hold all organisations accountable for factoring the SDGs into their development, legislative and innovation processes.

3. Operating with transparency and fairness

At MKAI, transparency is a key value that we hold dear. We believe that it is important to be open and honest about our aims, objectives, and projects. In addition, we strive to treat every person and organisation that works with us or for us as fairly as possible. We recognize the importance of fostering positive and respectful relationships with all our stakeholders, and we are committed to building trust through transparency and fairness in all our dealings.

4. Demanding accountability in business

At MKAI, we strongly advocate for the creation of explainable technologies and systems that are externally validated to be ethical, fair, and understandable. We believe that organizations have a responsibility to ensure that their products and technologies do not cause unintended harm and that leaders must be held fully accountable for the products their organisations produce and the way they are used.

5. Advocating for safety and privacy

At MKAI, we understand the societal challenges associated with data collection, digital invasions of privacy, and invisible black-box AI algorithms that make decisions about our lives. We are committed to working towards protecting citizens from the harmful actions of technology companies that prioritise profit over the safety, privacy, and respect for their users.

Through our work and in collaboration with our key partner, XRSI.org, we are tirelessly working towards promoting ethical and responsible AI practices. Our goal is to ensure that technology is developed and used in a way that prioritises the well-being and safety of individuals and society as a whole. We believe that by working together, we can build a better future where technology serves the greater good.