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MKAI stands for Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence. We are an AI capacity-building organisation focused on the ethical and responsible education, development and deployment of AI technologies.

At MKAI, we are committed to cultivating authentic and forthright conversations about the ethical and safety implications of artificial intelligence. Our guiding principles—fairness, transparency, responsibility, and public understanding—drive us to be agents of tangible progress in the AI landscape. We believe that all voices and perspectives are essential in this collective effort to ensure that AI is developed and used ethically, safely, and beneficially for all.

Our intention is that MKAI is known for holding the best conversation about the impact of AI. What do we mean by the best? We mean a conversation that is centred around honesty, respectfulness, kindness and inclusivity. But more so, we mean a challenging, sometimes uncomfortable and even difficult conversation. Ultimately, we mean the conversation that has to take place about a technology that affects all of us, profoundly and has the potential to significantly enhance humanity if managed effectively. 

What we do

We facilitate insightful dialogues and provide development pathways to responsibly advance AI.

At MKAI, we create spaces for organisations and leaders to have meaningful conversations that increase comprehension of AI’s benefits along with its risks. Our approach fosters constructive debate from diverse viewpoints, enabling more conscious development and education.

Facilitating AI Accountability Through Inclusive Dialogue:

  • Host public and private forums exploring AI’s societal, business and sustainability implications
  • Conduct tailored in-house AI and AI Ethics Summits for organisational leadership teams
  • Specialists in orchestrating rich, balanced AI discussions incorporating varied perspectives

AI for All – Empowering through Education

  • Provide upskilling pathways in AI; capabilities, applications, ethics and impacts
  • Guide institutions and businesses towards accountable AI adoption aligned to human rights and values
  • AI ethics and governance training for decision-makers

Our Services

AI Dialogue Facilitation Services

MKAI offers public and private AI ethics facilitation services designed to cultivate an informed and inclusive dialogue on AI. Through our public forums and in-house summits within organisations and institutions, our approach is centred on creating a space where diverse perspectives can converge to explore the ethical dimensions of AI technologies.

We aim to empower teams and leaders with the understanding necessary to navigate AI’s challenges and opportunities responsibly. We call on our unique form of facilitation to foster a culture of ethical awareness and collaborative problem-solving that is essential for harnessing AI’s potential in a way that aligns with your organisation’s values and societal expectations.

AI Education and Upskilling

Bridging the AI Skills Gap

MKAI partners with educational institutions to empower leaders, faculty, teachers, students, and the broader business community with the skills and comprehension needed to thrive in an AI-driven future.

We deliver comprehensive AI upskilling and reskilling initiatives, supported by educational funding, to enhance digital literacy and foster innovation. Our programmes are meticulously crafted to bolster AI competencies, encourage entrepreneurial spirit, and facilitate the integration of AI technologies across various sectors. Through interactive workshops, tailored courses, and bespoke development pathways, we aim to elevate the AI and Ethics acumen within academia and industry alike.

AI Ethics Leaders Forum

The AI Ethics Leaders Forum is an innovative initiative that brings together senior executives to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborative action on AI ethics, safety, transparency, and accountability. This forum serves as a unique platform for peer-to-peer engagement. It aims to fill the current gap in corporate conversations about AI, offering a confidential and respectful environment for leaders to share insights, challenges, and best practices in ethical AI implementation.

Key activities of the forum include regular meetings to discuss evolving topics in AI ethics, expert-led sessions providing guidance and insights, and the sharing of case studies to illustrate real-world applications of ethical AI. The forum emphasises the importance of confidentiality, ensuring a safe space for open dialogue. Participants gain access to a network of peers and practical knowledge to implement ethical AI strategies in their organisations.

Our Business Model

MKAI operates on a self-sustaining financial model, with a focus on societal and environmental well-being taking precedence over financial gain. Our growth is measured not just in financial terms but also by the scale and depth of our impact.

As we broaden our scope and deepen our influence, our dedication to fostering positive transformation is unwavering. Profits generated are fully directed back into our developmental endeavours and community initiatives, ensuring that every achievement contributes to our overarching mission.

We invite you to be part of this progressive movement. Engage with our initiatives, join our diverse global network, and contribute to the momentum towards a more inclusive, forward-thinking, and ecologically conscious future.



Become a part of a vibrant, inclusive community where your voice matters. MKAI is not just an organisation; it’s a collective of passionate individuals from over 108 nationalities, all contributing to the daily discourse on artificial intelligence. Our strength lies in our diversity, ensuring that AI serves the many, not just the few. We welcome you to join us, share your insights, and help shape the future of AI in a way that reflects the rich tapestry of human experience.

Together, we can ensure that AI is developed with the collective wisdom of a community as diverse as the world it serves. Join MKAI today and be a part of the conversation that drives change.

Our Values


Founder's Statement

As the founder of MKAI, my journey into the world of artificial intelligence was driven by a deep realisation: AI is not just a technological advancement; it’s a pivotal force in reshaping our future. Witnessing the rapid evolution of AI, I saw both immense potential and critical challenges. The power of AI to transform industries, societies, and day-to-day lives was clear, but so were the ethical dilemmas and complexities it brought along.

This duality inspired me to establish MKAI – I envisioned an organisation that would not only promote AI innovation but also be a guiding light in navigating its ethical landscape. MKAI was about the creation of a space where diverse voices could come together, share unique views, and inspire the creation of AI solutions that are as responsible as they are revolutionary.

MKAI was born from a belief in the necessity of an inclusive, thoughtful approach to AI. We are dedicated to making AI accessible and understandable, breaking down the barriers of complexity and jargon. Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations by demystifying AI and fostering an environment where AI can make a positive, ethical and lasting impact on the world.


– Richard Foster-Fletcher

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