Welcome: We are MKAI

An inclusive community of diverse contributors shaping and sharing the potential of responsible Artificial Intelligence

MKAI Mission

To enable everyone; from all walks of life, from all corners of the world, from all disciplines, to be able to contribute meaningfully to the Artificial Intelligence conversation.

Our Values

1. Human-centric AI

We believe that consumers have the right to know about the risks they are exposed to from the use of data and autonomous decisions.

2. Responsible AI

We believe that organisations globally must recognise the need for Responsible AI. Through security, monitoring, and verification. Transparent, explainable and provable AI models and systems that are ethical, understandable and legal. Organisations should routinely test for bias in data, models and human use of algorithms.

3. Human in the loop

We believe that AI is made more effective, fairer and safer through human input. Beyond this, we believe in the need for self-regulation of frontier technologies through external governance, oversight and ethical boards.

4. Open standards

We believe that our collective ability to solve major global issues such as climate change, inequality, pandemics and conflict is directly influenced by the degree of open collaboration between citizens, regulators, and businesses. We believe in open data, data disclosure and creating platforms of trust.

5. Co-creation

We believe in decentralisation of data and innovation, openness with ideas and problem-solving. We all share one planet and work needs to be done to iterate and evolve our companies and economies to allow sustainable growth and circular supply chains. This needs all of us to cooperate and collaborate.


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