Who we are

The Inclusive Community for Emerging Technologies

MKAI stands for Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence. We are an inclusive community of diverse thinkers that, together, are shaping the future of Ethical Artificial Intelligence, Web3 and the Metaverse. Our diversity is our strength.

Our mission is to connect diverse minds and deliver impactful community-led projects that make new technologies more inclusive, accessible and rooted in sustainable human values.

What we do

Services for Further Education

MKAI works collaboratively with further education colleges and their students to help bridge the technology skills gap and digital divide. We provide innovative courses, prototype building and interactive workshops that demonstrate how emerging technologies such as AI, VR and Blockchain can enhance learning outcomes, and address real-world problems in businesses. 

Services for Governments

MKAI works with governments to provide technology transfer and help build the capacity to use emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain and Data Platforms to build resilience, adapt to the changing world and bridge the digital divide for their businesses and citizens. 

Diverse Perspectives for reducing Artificial Intelligence risks

MKAI provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) risks identification for businesses and governments via our diverse community. MKAI has the world’s largest and most diverse specialist risks identification community that calls on unique lived experiences and perspectives to help identify potential risks and harms from the use of AI. 

Our values

1. Championing diversity and inclusion in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has suffered from a diversity crisis that has contributed to flawed systems that perpetuate gender and racial biases. MKAI acknowledges the gravity of the situation and is committed to including diverse contributors to everything we do.

2. Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that organisations globally must develop technologies that go further than just creating profit. MKAI wants to see all organisations and companies factoring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into their development and innovation.

3. Operating with transparency and fairness

MKAI is committed to being transparent about our aims, objectives and projects. Furthermore, we seek to recognise and treat each person or organisation that works for us or with us as fairly as possible.

4. Demanding accountability in business

We believe that organisations should aim to create explainable technologies and systems that are externally validated to be ethical, fair and understandable. Furthermore, leaders must be held fully accountable for the products their organisations produce, the way they are used and the harms caused, even if unintentional. 

5. Advocating for safety and privacy

We are constantly exposed to the societal challenges associated with data collection, digital invasions of privacy, and invisible black-box AI algorithms that make decisions about our lives. Through our work and our partners such as XRSI.org, MKAI works tirelessly to help protect citizens from the harmful actions of technology companies that put profit ahead of safety, privacy and respect for their users.