You Can Now Save Midway Through Demeo In Multiplayer

Demeo introduced a new save system, letting you pause multiplayer progress at any time.

Resolution Games released a new Demeo update that implements an upgraded save system, letting you save your multiplayer progress whenever needed. Previously, you could only save co-op campaign runs between floors, potentially causing problems if you suddenly need to leave the fantasy virtual tabletop game.

Multiplayer saves are HERE!

We’ve implemented an upgraded multiplayer save system, bringing an enhanced level of convenience to your journey. Farewell to waiting until a level’s end to save your progress. Now, you can save your game anytime you choose. ⚔️

— Demeo (@DemeoGame) March 12, 2024

Demeo’s latest change follows a similar update for the single-player Skirmish Mode last November, which coincided with its flatscreen launch on Mac and iPad. Elsewhere, we’re still awaiting a release date for the previously announced Apple Vision Pro version. Back in September, Resolution Games confirmed its upcoming port can be played in either fully immersive VR or mixed reality.

Demeo is available now on Quest, PC VR, Pico, PSVR 2 and flatscreen platforms.

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