You Can Now Play VR Games Inside A Shipping Container

The location-based VR platform features motion controls, spatial audio, and temperature haptics.

We first covered UNCONTAINED back in 2021. Developed by XR Immersive Tech Inc., the one-of-a-kind VR entertainment platform uses industrial shipping containers to immerse you in hyper-realistic location-based VR experiences via a combination of haptic feedback technology and physical interactions.

Earlier today, XR Immersive Tech Inc. announced plans to open its first UNCONTAINED venue this summer at Playland Amusement Park in British Columbia and the annual PNE Fair in Vancouver, Canada. Visitors can immerse themselves the company’s flagship game, Deep Signal. In this multiplayer sci-fi experience, you and your friends embark on an intergalactic journey across multiple galaxies.

The game features a number of cutting-edge technologies designed to further immerse you in the experience. This includes everything from motion capture and spatial audio to a motion floor and temperature haptics capable of simulating heat and cold.

“We are looking forward to hosting the debut of XR Immersive Tech’s UNCONTAINED attraction at Playland and the Fair this summer,” said PNE spokesperson Laura Ballance in an official release. “We are confident that the technology and next-generation experience will be very well received by our guests.”

“As a homegrown Vancouver company we see the iconic Playland Amusement Park as a perfect fit,” added UNCONTAINED CEO Tim Bieber. “Not only is it one of Canada’s oldest and greatest amusement parks, but it’s also a place where we expect to get a lot of feedback from our own extended community. I am excited that UNCONTAINED gets to meet the world in a place so close to my heart. Similarly, I am supremely proud of our team, many of whom call Vancouver their home.”

UNCONTAINED’s location-based VR attraction will be available at the above-mentioned events beginning July 7th. Those interested in bringing UNCONTAINED’s location-based shipping containers to their own events or venues can learn more here.

Image Credit: Uncontained

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