Xreal Beam Pro Is A $200 Phone Designed To Power Xreal Glasses & Capture 3D Content

Xreal Beam Pro is a custom Android phone specifically designed to power Xreal Glasses, including 6DoF AR on Xreal 2 Ultra.

Xreal’s glasses lack onboard compute or battery, they just act as an external monitor for whatever device (such as your phone) you connect over USB-C, projecting the image onto a head-locked virtual screen in front of you. When used with a few specific Android phones, a PC, or almost any device via the existing Xreal Beam adapter though, the glasses can support rotational 3DoF tracking. And when used with specific Samsung Galaxy phones the Xreal Air 2 Ultra glasses can even do true AR with 6DoF positional tracking.

Xreal glasses are 0DoF with most input devices (left), 3DoF with Beam Pro on most Air models (middle), and 6DoF with Beam Pro on Air 2 Ultra.

Xreal Beam Pro is designed to let you use true 6DoF AR on Air 2 Ultra or have a 3DoF screen on the other Air models, regardless of what phone you own and without draining your battery.

The pitch of Xreal Beam Pro isn’t to replace your existing phone, it’s to act as a dedicated compute puck for your smart glasses – one that supports all the media and gaming apps already present on the Google Play Store.

Xreal says that includes Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Steam Link, and cloud gaming services. For gaming you can pair a Bluetooth gamepad, and for all use cases you can pair Bluetooth earphones.

Xreal Air 2 Ultra: True AR Glasses For Samsung Galaxy S23
Xreal Air 2 Ultra are true AR glasses with positional tracking and scene meshing, powered by a Samsung Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S23 via USB-C. Full details here:

Unlike typical phones, Beam Pro features two USB-C ports on the bottom. One to power and drive the glasses, and the other for simultaneous charging. The battery should only last a few hours, but supports 27W charging to fully recharge in less than an hour.

Beam Pro is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 6 Gen 1, a 4nm chipset used in other budget Android phones, and features a 6.5-inch 90Hz LCD panel with 1080p resolution.

Xreal Beam Pro

The two rear cameras are designed to capture stereoscopic 3D photos and videos and have 50mm spacing. This is much wider than iPhone 15 Pro. And Xreal Beam Pro supports 1080p 60FPS 3D video recording, compared to 30FPS in Apple’s camera app.

The $200 base model has 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, and all models support microSD cards of up to 1TB. The base model only has Wi-Fi, while a higher end model coming later in the year will also have 5G, in case you actually do want this thing to replace your current phone.

While Xreal’s devices somewhat resemble traditional glasses, they do have a thicker profile, sitting out further forward.

Preorders for Xreal Beam Pro are now available in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Czechia, Japan, and China. In South Korea preorders will open on July 1. Xreal says it “anticipates” shipping in August.

Owners of the original Xreal Beam, which has been poorly received due to issues with the image output quality and the cooling fan, can order Beam Pro for $150 until July 10, a $50 discount.