The intersection of Extended Realities (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Book Project

XR & AI Safety Book Project

XRSI – XR Safety Initiative | Helping Build Safe Immersive environments

MKAI and XRSI are collectively exploring the intersection of Extended Realities (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help build safe and inclusive immersive ecosystems by building human-centric standards and framework of transparency, safety, accountability, and evidence of effectiveness. 

In this project, MKAI (with the kind help and support of XRSI) will produce a book.

Project Progress

About The Book

XR Industry is moving fast, so is the urgency to create standards, guidelines, and awareness for XR stakeholders. Recent news about data, privacy, and safety concerns are growing as technological advancements take place. 

MKAI’s community of academics, scientists, philosophers, business leaders, practitioners and enthusiasts has developed a global reputation for AI thought leadership. We were approached by XRSI in the USA to address the rapidly emerging and related field of XR (Extended Reality) technology. Our delivered research lends itself to fulfilling the needs of the global business community, who are becoming increasingly curious about its implications, and of the wider public. Our collaborative ‘XR Guidebook’ hopes to explain, explore and envision and guide.

We will adopt agile software development methodologies to expedite the rapid delivery of viable material.

Working Group Members

Jasial Surana

Nyrika B R

Monika Manolova

Karen Silverman

Gerry Copitch

Richard Foster-Fletcher

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