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Hi everyone - Thank you so much to everyone who has taken time to fill this up. Just a reminder to those, who have not. We are truly enjoying the engagement that you bring to this wonderful community. To allow us to support you better, and more importantly, for you to understand this community better, please do fill up this form -
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MKAI's Weekly Digest is out!

"Indeed, information philosophy has only recently emerged – in this context, MKAI aims to develop a pragmatic understanding of related issues in artificial intelligence philosophy, involving a rethink of data monetization. The data monetization economic model must be rethought. This is how we can make it equitable. Data monetization should be discussed from the perspective of the data subject. This is not about determining or regulating a value; rather, it is about the data subject deciding where to spend their data."

Read more of MKAI's Weekly Digest here:
Channel photo updated
Good morning, everyone! Don't miss the #MKAILIVE panel discussion later today!

Panel includes:

- Vibhav Mithal, IPR Lawyer at ANAND AND ANAND (Panel Lead)
- Linda Bano, Business Data Analyst at Data Reply UK
- Odilia Coi, Ph.D Candidate at French Space Agency
- Charles Radclyffe, Partner at EthicsGrade | AI & ESG
- Michael Kanaan, Director of Operations, Department of the Air Force / MIT Artificial Intelligence

For details: