Windows Volumetric Apps: Microsoft To Stream Windows Apps With 3D Extensions To Quest Headsets

Microsoft announced Windows Volumetric Apps, a new API for extending 3D elements of PC applications streamed to Meta Quest into 3D space.

“We’re deepening our partnership with Meta to make Windows a first-class experience on Quest devices. And Windows can take advantage of Quest’s unique capabilities to extend Windows apps into 3D space.”

The new API will act as an extension to Windows applications when streamed to Meta Quest via Microsoft’s upcoming Windows app for Quest, which will let you access either a physical PC on your local network or a Windows 365 cloud PC on virtual monitors in your Meta Quest headset.


Windows 365 coming to Quest was first announced at Meta Connect 2022, when Meta and Microsoft announced a long-term strategic partnership in XR.

So far that partnership has brought Xbox Cloud Gaming to Quest headsets, as well as progressive web apps for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The two companies are also working on a limited-edition Quest 3 with Xbox branded colours and an Xbox gamepad included in the box.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Comes To Meta Quest
Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available for Quest headsets.

Developers interested in adding volumetric capabilities to their Windows applications can sign up for access to the Volumetric API.