Week 19

08/05/2023, 16:19 – +44 7799 843571: Hello all, here’s an article I did on AI and animal/nonhuman communication 🐋 https://impakter.com/can-artificial-intelligence-help-us-speak-to-animals/

08/05/2023, 19:33 – Jessica Gardner: Heya Is it true that tax offices close a lot and there are AI chatbots on the phone and some humans but offices close …. kind of a bummer … they are doing that here in SA too but offices still but must make an appointment but they have AI … shame so that is an example of people loosing jobs to AI perhaps or not really?

08/05/2023, 20:33 – Thomas Witt: I found many companies – no way to reach any person on a phone anymore: an insurance company (my niece works there, she had built the bots, unfortunately I can’t get hold of her, neither at work nor at private. I suppose she got used to not be reached anymore and replaced herself at home, too.

08/05/2023, 20:35 – +55 11 96864-3388: This message was deleted

08/05/2023, 20:39 – Thomas Witt: in some cases, you select #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and will be connected to an information recording. For #6 it tells you to call Wednesdays between 9-10am. If you do, it will tell you that all are in talks, you need to wait, either until after 10am when the line drops, or during the time asking to call again.

08/05/2023, 20:40 – Thomas Witt: And finally, please send an email

08/05/2023, 20:41 – Thomas Witt: This goes into a ticketing software where the consultants can work it off and their time gets recorded against the topic

08/05/2023, 21:38 – Adriana Ulici: Hi. I tried today the new AI bot, Pi (stands for Personal Intelligence). It’s a really interesting bot, ad gives personalised answers, depending on how the conversation goes.

Unfortunately, it’s needed to create an account, but it’s only available for very few countries (a phone number is needed – with the restriction for the country). Anyone knows if there is a chance to be extended to other countries?


09/05/2023, 02:03 – Thomas Witt: <Media omitted>

09/05/2023, 02:03 – Thomas Witt: <Media omitted>

09/05/2023, 02:04 – Thomas Witt: The BBC is analyzing the quality of ChatGPT (no link to the resource

09/05/2023, 02:05 – Thomas Witt: as common news side

09/05/2023, 03:24 – Monika Manolova: I did the same test while asking it to write poetry for me – it basically copy pasted Emily Dickinson at me. As it wasn’t able to get away from her most famous quote “hope is the thing with feathers” … it went in another direction though with better rhymes but lesser character

09/05/2023, 03:26 – Monika Manolova: I was curious to see if it will be able to impress me and touch me. So I made it write me poetry and only felt better after I saw it was replicating excellently and not using too much imagination in the formation of poems.

09/05/2023, 03:27 – Monika Manolova: It was basic math. With some strong emotion language in the middle but I do believe this is the best this sort of model can and will be able to do for a really really long time

09/05/2023, 03:28 – Monika Manolova: Also sourcing.. nope 👎 it will link up two or more publications to make itself sound convincing. It will classify based on superficial indications and it will mislead you.

09/05/2023, 03:30 – Monika Manolova: It misleads based on basing summaries also. It is set to provide step by step which makes sense and works – but how much of that is just copy-pasted from crowdsourced knowledge which people have been trusting enough to share online…

09/05/2023, 06:56 – Jessica Gardner: Maybe you should mention that also on the feedback section on chatgpt perhaps? 🦋

09/05/2023, 07:01 – Monika Manolova: Nope. I am pretty sure they know these things already this has been hyper tested by everybody. Poetry was just my most basic Turing test & it performed really well in Byron. But the rest of it – up for debate and consideration.

09/05/2023, 07:05 – Jessica Gardner: OK what’s Byron?

09/05/2023, 07:06 – Jessica Gardner: Another ai tool ?

09/05/2023, 07:13 – Monika Manolova: The British poet Lord Byron. ☺️ I made the chat write me a poem in his style and it performed really well

09/05/2023, 09:09 – +91 60020 73915 joined using this group’s invite link

09/05/2023, 11:19 – Karen Beraldo: Hello and welcome @916002073915  would you please introduce yourself? We are curious about where are you speaking from, your interests?

09/05/2023, 12:26 – +91 60020 73915: Hi everyone!

At first, thanks a lot @5511998806653 for making me a part of this wonderful community.

My background is in law and at present, I’m researching on the legal, policy and governance issues pertaining to AI . I want to pursue a career in the domain of AI law, policy and governance. Specifically, I am interested in undertaking research to understand the effects of AI systems on society, and how they can be regulated through rules, regulations and policies. Further, I am immensely interested in undertaking an in-depth study of various forms of regulations in order to choose the one which would be most effective for managing risks arising out of AI systems. I also intend that my research should aid policymakers in formulating better policies. Apart from research, I am also interested in taking up an advisory role.

Thanks everyone.

Have a nice day!

09/05/2023, 12:29 – Hazel Reambillo: Welcome to the MKAI Community! 😊

09/05/2023, 12:29 – +91 60020 73915: Thanks a lot @639851263311.

09/05/2023, 12:31 – Hazel Reambillo: You’re welcome.

09/05/2023, 12:35 – Richard Foster-Fletcher Business: Thank you @916002073915, you’re very welcome. Can you share your name and LinkedIn profile here?

09/05/2023, 13:03 – Markus Krebsz: <Media omitted>

09/05/2023, 13:03 – +91 60020 73915: Sure @447471142830

Name – Angshuman Kaushik

LinkedIn Profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/angshuman-kaushik-993b2b10a

09/05/2023, 13:04 – Markus Krebsz: Welcome @916002073915 , you (finally) made it – what took you so long… 🤔😉

09/05/2023, 13:09 – +91 60020 73915: Hey @447985065045! Thanks and great to ‘see’ you here. Don’t know but I was always a part of the broader community. Again great to hear from you. 😊

09/05/2023, 13:10 – Markus Krebsz: Indeed – you were always there and have been very active elsewhere!

So glad you joined up here and enjoy the lively community / dialogue!

09/05/2023, 13:10 – Markus Krebsz: And huge thank you / kudos to @447471142830 for getting us all into one space! 🙏

09/05/2023, 13:11 – +91 60020 73915: Thank you @447985065045 . Looking forward to learning and gaining new insights from erudite people like you out here.

Thank you. 👍

09/05/2023, 13:19 – +91 60020 73915: Is anyone doing the NTIA comments out here?

09/05/2023, 13:52 – Paul Levy: Eliezer Yudkowsky  on the dangers of AI: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2g6WjOL1J1Ovm1kndXk1nt?si=wkYhnfQ4QB65ZTIhZHc-Iw

09/05/2023, 13:57 – Jessica Gardner: Do you guys know “Explore AI” company and are they good?

09/05/2023, 14:17 – +91 60020 73915: https://youtu.be/hJ5qN9PRmFc

09/05/2023, 14:21 – +41 78 888 85 81: Can’t wait for chatgpt to work on patents… unless that’s moderated and controlled

09/05/2023, 14:26 – Markus Krebsz: The “Ultimate ChatGPT Guide”, apparently,…


09/05/2023, 19:03 – Paul Levy: BBC News – ChatGPT: Can students pass using AI tools at university?


09/05/2023, 19:14 – +971 50 753 3625: İm a teaching assistant at a university

When i grade the students assignment. İ simply google their references to know whether they used chatgpt or not

İ Already caught one student whose all her references were fake 🙃

09/05/2023, 19:19 – Adriana Ulici: There are very few universities that allow students to use ChatGPT in a constructive way. I guess they will all end doing the same. The evolution supposes mentality changes.

10/05/2023, 05:18 – Adriana Ulici: Maybe  someone could create a group with us imon Discord server. There we can keep separate topics together, add a rubric with our Linkedin profiles, maybe future projects, new ifeas, links, imqges, etc. So we could have easier access to past conversation and can react to them or add new ideas. For the memory phone would be better as well.

What do you think? 🤔

10/05/2023, 07:36 – Monika Manolova: I am agreeable that all the information constantly in exchange within this group is worthy of a book. Or a couple and should be compiled in a more organized fashion. At the same time I think we should keep the WhatsApp whatever else arises because it makes it easier for me to engage & feels like a discussion among friends. So I am good regardless as long as we keep the ease of comms among us

10/05/2023, 08:10 – Jessica Gardner: Ask @447786575894

10/05/2023, 08:13 – Adriana Ulici: Yes, good idea. 👏

10/05/2023, 08:13 – +32 476 22 38 41: A Discord server u said ? Could be easy to do no?

10/05/2023, 08:14 – +32 476 22 38 41: I was also thinking of a book last week. Great minds always meet we say in French.

10/05/2023, 08:15 – Adriana Ulici: Yes, I never did it but I know it’s easy. And it’s personalizable. Anyone can add rubrics anytime.

10/05/2023, 08:16 – Adriana Ulici: I have always wanted to write a book, so maybe it’s a good moment to do a shared one. 😎

10/05/2023, 08:17 – +32 476 22 38 41: We will call it The MKAI book and finally u will know what the acronym means.

10/05/2023, 08:21 – +91 60020 73915: Don’t know but this is probably a right time to come up with a book on regulating AI with a deal on the EU AI act possible by fall 2023 or early 2024.

10/05/2023, 08:23 – +91 99727 00611: Definitely an important activity, would like to call it a playbook with practical measures and methods to mitigate AI risks.  It should help practitioners and strategists at all levels

10/05/2023, 08:25 – +91 60020 73915: Yeah rightly said. That would be handy for everyone. Could be a MKAI Playbook on Responsible and Trustworthy AI.

10/05/2023, 08:32 – Adriana Ulici: It would serve to compare out thoughts and experiences with these emerging AI systems to our future works and thoughts. Like a vivid evolution of AI and our perception of it. For future books

10/05/2023, 08:34 – Monika Manolova: Nice I even like the name playbook for it ☺️

10/05/2023, 08:35 – Markus Krebsz: Once my UN recommendation & guidance document has been done, I might consider writing a book on AI & regs from a regs strategy perspective

(Basically an extension of the guidance with practical implications)

But that’s earliest in 2024

10/05/2023, 08:35 – Markus Krebsz: Happy to contribute a chapter on drones

10/05/2023, 08:37 – Vibhav Mithal: I agree with this. Whatsapp is always free flowing and the unstructured nature of the conversation, actually makes for good conversation.

10/05/2023, 08:39 – Markus Krebsz: WhatsApp is the only app I’ve always got with me – like my brain

So responses you get are always “creative sparkz”. If I’ve got to go to my PC to log into Discord etc, the result will be diluted/watered down/lost

My way of working/thinking – so you’ll get most out of me through this channel 😉

10/05/2023, 08:39 – Vibhav Mithal: As for the book – always in. I can provide a legal perspective to that (IP, data, risk, privacy etc) and can aid with others in the group. The book, however, in my view, should be reverse engineered from a particular output that we want to put out there. This is an endeavour to ‘structure’ this ‘unstructured’ conversation. The beauty of this book should then be driven from the insights of each member, or well the members who want to participate in this exercise. The USP of this book has to be views coming in from people who are curious about AI, may not fully understand it technically (who does?), but is providing their take on specific issues of AI.

10/05/2023, 08:41 – Vibhav Mithal: If we are serious about a book, we do need structure. Its a proper effort, even for a proposal. It requires someone to drive that proposal, and then perhaps check with the MKAI Leadership team, if that proposal is actually in line with what MKAI would like to put its name on. A good way to go about this – for anyone – seriously thinking on this – is to create a proposal and share with the interested people on the book. The book has to be a community effort, focused on specifics and work has to be done by everyone who commits to it. There are no free rides available on it. I am tagging @447786575894 @447471142830 here, just in case he gets this message. Otherwise also, once the proposal is ready, we can discuss this further.

10/05/2023, 08:42 – Vibhav Mithal: Perhaps @447932768980 @447980532744 @5511998806653 @381616202214 @639851263311 and others can guide further, once the proposal is in place.

10/05/2023, 08:43 – Vibhav Mithal: I am definitely interested, and who is willing to take initiative on this – we can decide accordingly.

10/05/2023, 08:43 – Adriana Ulici: From WhatApp the ideas can be “transfered” to Discord, as they remain more visible in time. We will keep both WhatApp and Discord, and for the book we can create a Google shared document maybe. 🤔

10/05/2023, 08:44 – +91 60020 73915: I’m not looking at a purely technical, legal or ethical book but a book for the people living in the society who are getting affected by AI systems day in and day out. We can have a meeting through zoom if you guys agree to it.

10/05/2023, 08:45 – Vibhav Mithal: I am happy to do a meeting. Absolutely. I am open to whatever direction the book takes. At the same time, people’s contributions to it will be driven from their own perspective.

10/05/2023, 08:45 – Adriana Ulici: We could create a Google shared doc for the book. Or are there better options for sharing content?

10/05/2023, 08:46 – Vibhav Mithal: We should first gather the people who are interested and meet like @916002073915 has suggested. The follow up items can follow. Alternatively, if there is already a broad proposal in mind, that itself can be directly shared with people here. Two ways I can think of it.

10/05/2023, 08:48 – +91 60020 73915: We should have a meeting first to have a framework, thrash out any issues, and the direction we are going to take. For example, who is the audience. BTW @918447458389 it’s a pleasure to be ‘speaking’ to you after a long time.

10/05/2023, 08:50 – Markus Krebsz: In terms of bandwidth etc, I am a bit limited over the next few months but could see a joint chapter contribution together with my friend & fellow co-author @919818937603 ☺️

10/05/2023, 08:51 – Vibhav Mithal: My pleasure @916002073915 . Thank you for the initiative. I know there are times when I am silent, but I am an IPR and Tech lawyer by the day, and an AI lawyer, son, husband and brother by the night. The goal is to remain a son, husband and brother by the night, but also become an AI lawyer by the day (which I have done a couple of times). That is the path. 🙂.  Lots to balance, but I am sure we can manage it well. Let us wait to see who else is interested. Otherwise, we can surely create a list of initial participants and fix a meeting.

10/05/2023, 08:52 – Vibhav Mithal: Great!

10/05/2023, 08:56 – +91 60020 73915: I’m sorry as I don’t remember correctly, probably it was Adriana or Monica’s initiative. Thank you to both of you.

10/05/2023, 08:59 – Vibhav Mithal: Thank you for that. Thanks to @40770993155 @359888771247 and @916002073915 and anyone else who initiated this. Let’s take it forward and structure it. Let’s remember first we have to create a viable proposal with a focus and share that with the MKAI Leadership Team if it works for them. Only then will this move forward. Let’s see how this goes.

10/05/2023, 09:01 – +91 60020 73915: Rightly said @918447458389

10/05/2023, 09:47 – Monika Manolova: There are approx 200 people in this group if each one provides a specific 1 page concerning the impact of AI within their personal area of expertise with some rough suggestions on core values and principles. There is your book.

10/05/2023, 09:48 – Monika Manolova: A community representative piece gathering knowledge 🙂

10/05/2023, 09:48 – Monika Manolova: Co-authored by everyone

10/05/2023, 09:50 – +39 380 138 8253: I am interested to do co-author and ready to contribute when andwhere needed Dr @359888771247  you super as usual.

10/05/2023, 09:52 – Monika Manolova: & I will help edit and organize things what do you say @447471142830 @447438413720 😉

10/05/2023, 10:14 – +31 6 45350046: Does anyone have the draft political agreement /report re the ai act on which the imco and libe committee will vote tomorrow?

10/05/2023, 10:15 – +31 6 45350046: Would be happy to join the book initiative as well

10/05/2023, 10:16 – +32 476 22 38 41: https://oeil.secure.europarl.europa.eu/oeil/popups/ficheprocedure.do?reference=2021/0106(COD)&l=en

10/05/2023, 10:17 – +32 476 22 38 41: Is the document available there?

10/05/2023, 10:17 – +32 476 22 38 41: Markus put it here last week.

10/05/2023, 10:17 – +91 98152 04980: We can have a series, vol 1, vol 2. This way authors will be divided and book will also be not too thick.

10/05/2023, 10:18 – Monika Manolova: Waiting to see what Richard thinks and we kick it off

10/05/2023, 10:18 – Monika Manolova: It will be a fun group effort

10/05/2023, 10:19 – Monika Manolova: & I am organising an MKAI green AI catch-up meeting soon – I’ll inform and all are welcome

10/05/2023, 10:19 – +91 98152 04980: Readers get scared when they see thick books. 🙄

10/05/2023, 10:19 – Monika Manolova: Awesome this is kind of hard to follow unfortunately

10/05/2023, 10:20 – Monika Manolova: The links I have below https://www.kaizenner.eu/post/aiact-part3

10/05/2023, 10:20 – Monika Manolova: Yes I get scared also 😉☺️

10/05/2023, 10:21 – +91 98152 04980: Same here…

10/05/2023, 10:22 – +31 6 45350046: No unfortunately not yet

10/05/2023, 10:23 – +31 6 45350046: It takes some time

10/05/2023, 10:25 – +31 6 45350046: https://www.euractiv.com/section/artificial-intelligence/news/ai-act-eu-parliament-fine-tunes-text-ahead-of-key-committee-vote/

10/05/2023, 10:26 – +31 6 45350046: There is draft report but not formally published yet

10/05/2023, 10:27 – +91 60020 73915: @31645350046 it is not yet officially published as far as I know but we can expect an official publication after tomorrow’s meeting.

10/05/2023, 10:31 – +31 6 45350046: Thanks! It takes quite long sometimes for the EP to publish those docs and I am giving a presentation this Monday on the AI act so was hoping to find a draft version somewhere.

10/05/2023, 10:33 – +91 60020 73915: @31645350046 I think you will get hold of some official communication before your presentation on Monday.👍

10/05/2023, 10:34 – +91 60020 73915: @31645350046 anyways let me search again if I can get hold of something

10/05/2023, 10:35 – +31 6 45350046: That would be great! Thanks a lot for that!

10/05/2023, 10:50 – Vibhav Mithal: This is also a good way to go about this. Thanks @359888771247

10/05/2023, 10:51 – Vibhav Mithal: So to summarise :

1. Proposal for MKAI Leadership Team

2. One pager from those who are interested in contributing to this project on the impact of AI from their perspective

10/05/2023, 10:53 – Vibhav Mithal: Even if people work on this independently, a call to start with would be good, at the appropriate time. Plus, NDAs or something of that sort will need to have to be created so that the insights people are sharing are not published before the book. Further, if any insight anyone is sharing is already shared in other forums, those will have to be disclosed. So that we are clear on the novelty, and originality of the content that we seek to incorporate.

10/05/2023, 10:55 – Monika Manolova: Great points Vib – The one pager will be the actual personal input for a book and can be authored by that person. A short input we can structure around 3 AI questions. Signed by them also. We structure those in thematic chapters depending on what they are about. That way everyone will be properly represented. Everyone will feel a part of the group piece. & it won’t be too much extra work for anybody

10/05/2023, 10:58 – Monika Manolova: That is community power 🙂 & will work if everyone does their own page. Also it will help us collaborate better with each other. And will help new people joining in to meet everyone

10/05/2023, 11:08 – Monika Manolova: I am a simple person 200 people in this group – each one does 1 page saying their own view on AI in their country sphere + ethical values that should be engrained. Personal. Signs that page. We gather the pages put them in chapters – saying example Green AI and in there is one page from me one from Markus one from whomever with that focus. We compile them under an MKAI cover and everyone can enjoy being a part of a global compendium of knowledge. We can have one on med, one on law etc. depending on what people care about. That is how simple I think. & we can learn from each other better also. I am not in law but would love to read all the 1pgers from everyone in it.

10/05/2023, 11:12 – Monika Manolova: MKAI community playbook ☺️😉 not written by me or a single one of us but from everyone. 200 or so coauthors.

10/05/2023, 11:24 – Monika Manolova: – also Do as little edits as possible also. Kind of why I suggested I help with compiling and edits I’d keep everyone’s page as organic as possible – Let the smarts of this group speak for themselves. An actual community. That works. 1pgs signed by each one of us. A living document as Marisa Zalabak would say. ☺️we probably all have more than 20 pgs in the chat each of us. This will be a more organized intro to the community for people who cannot follow everyone’s interests. & if you want to do a more pro book 📕 📚 I will help with that also, depending on what we make it about

10/05/2023, 11:34 – +91 60020 73915: <Media omitted>

10/05/2023, 11:45 – +91 60020 73915: @31645350046 the attached doc. above is the draft report on which there is going to be a vote tomorrow

10/05/2023, 11:46 – +31 6 45350046: That’s great! The date mentioned on the document is april 2022 though, but will have a better look at it

10/05/2023, 11:52 – +91 60020 73915: @31645350046 I think this is the one. I forgot that I had downloaded it on April 23rd, 2023. The date is probably an inadvertent error that has crept in. Do double check anyways.

10/05/2023, 11:53 – +31 6 45350046: Ok, thanks a lot for your help!

10/05/2023, 11:54 – +91 60020 73915: @31645350046 you are welcome. 👍

10/05/2023, 12:00 – Thomas Witt: This version is more than a year old. I believe to remember that people were busy on it at the beginning of 2023.

10/05/2023, 12:02 – +91 60020 73915: I rechecked it from the official site and this is the one. date might be an inadvertent error.

10/05/2023, 12:04 – Markus Krebsz: Great article about drone light shows (e.g. as seen over the weekend at the King’s coronation concert etc)


10/05/2023, 12:07 – +91 60020 73915: @447985065045 your command over the subject of drones is very impressive. Congratulations for the book alongwith @919818937603 . Do I get a free copy of it? 😜

10/05/2023, 12:07 – Markus Krebsz: Ha, I’ve not even seen a copy of it yet…🤔

10/05/2023, 12:08 – +91 60020 73915: 😂😂

10/05/2023, 12:39 – +44 7598 561877: Im in for the book initiative

10/05/2023, 12:42 – +44 7598 561877: https://www.fastcompany.com/90892235/researcher-meredith-whittaker-says-ais-biggest-risk-isnt-consciousness-its-the-corporations-that-control-them

10/05/2023, 13:29 – Markus Krebsz: More ChatGPT bots taking over humans’ jobs….

(And that is just the very beginning)


10/05/2023, 13:29 – Markus Krebsz: (actually,  chatbot by Google to be precise)

10/05/2023, 14:32 – Karen Rea: Great news, Markus! 👏🏻

10/05/2023, 14:44 – Markus Krebsz: No so sure, @447976745798 🤔🫣

10/05/2023, 14:45 – Jessica Gardner: Loadshedding also pushes AI

10/05/2023, 14:46 – Karen Rea: Agree. Wrong post!! 🙄😁

10/05/2023, 14:47 – Markus Krebsz: Phew 🤣

10/05/2023, 14:56 – Karen Rea: What am I like?!! 🙄

10/05/2023, 15:17 – +44 7890 919886: Some of you may like to join me at KCL AI Festival


10/05/2023, 15:31 – Thomas Witt: This message was deleted

10/05/2023, 17:52 – +91 98152 04980: Do share the amazon link, when available

10/05/2023, 17:59 – Markus Krebsz: Think it’ll be a while Sept or smthg like that

10/05/2023, 18:04 – +91 90410 47364: Can we compute spirituality? Let me know if anyone is interested in this topic.

10/05/2023, 18:07 – +91 98152 04980: Is it possible? As, it is not a quantity or algorithmic problem.

10/05/2023, 18:18 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/g-artray_s8gcm2014-gcmabrs8abrlog-gcmnetwork7-activity-7062110749493485568-MGBu?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

A new project with the AI 🌸

10/05/2023, 18:33 – Markus Krebsz: Reading this great book atm:

It talks a lot about “consciousness” and seeks to have some spiritual reflections

Also I think @919818937603 has some great thoughts and done research/written in this space

10/05/2023, 19:19 – Jessica Gardner: Google is aggressively competing now with OpenAI which is so well-done

10/05/2023, 19:25 – +44 7714 214208: Gemini and Duet Ai are going to be game changers. They are coming in very hard indeed

11/05/2023, 02:06 – Ana Maria Irueste-Montes: I would love to contribute to the book from my own layman perspective. If there is room for that in the book.

11/05/2023, 05:29 – Adriana Ulici: Google I/O 2023

11/05/2023, 06:23 – Adriana Ulici: MkAI, if they are ok with the book’s idea, could create a shared Google excel as well for the coauthors that want to participate, and new ones who want to join for future volumes. 📖 📚

11/05/2023, 07:04 – +91 60020 73915: This message was deleted

11/05/2023, 07:06 – +91 60020 73915: <Media omitted>

11/05/2023, 07:07 – +91 60020 73915: @31645350046 please check out the above document.

11/05/2023, 07:09 – +32 476 22 38 41: Typically an example of the lack of transparency in the legislative EU procedure. They change content but they don’t explain WHY! No reasons are added! How can we us understand the modifications and their consequences? A shame.

11/05/2023, 07:14 – +32 476 22 38 41: For me, all the EU legislative procedure is a shame. It’s voluntarily complex, opaque and very difficult to follow. And think of what will come next: the Trilogues discussions in closed doors between the Commission, the Council and the EU Parliament. A real shame.

11/05/2023, 07:15 – Vibhav Mithal: Everyone is welcome @18053410217 for this book project. Of course there is room, especially for you. Your poems and writings for MKAI have been brilliant, and we very much need your insights.

11/05/2023, 07:15 – +32 476 22 38 41: And don’t be surprised that no one is interested in EU politic. And that the extrems win in the elections.

11/05/2023, 07:18 – Vibhav Mithal: A majority of these compromises are closed door, at times. Once a legislation opens for public comment and comments have been received, or alternatively, if comments have been put forth through elected representatives – that is what counts. The final text and everything else – is both merit and need based, but is also a political decision. That is how the cookie crumbles and how I see it. It can be argued that is good or bad. However, the key thing is that as long as a decision is taken at least – that on the net whole – protects citizens, you move forward. With the EU AI Act – no matter which form it may take – it will always be pitched as the first step to protect citizens (even if only EU for now). Just a perspective to look at this. 🙂

11/05/2023, 07:20 – Vibhav Mithal: It comes down to that saying – know what you can change, know what you cannot change and have the wisdom to know the difference.

11/05/2023, 08:10 – +31 6 45350046: Thanks a lot, that looks more like it!

11/05/2023, 08:12 – Markus Krebsz: Serenity prayer 🙏

11/05/2023, 08:13 – Markus Krebsz: Complete opposite of what I am currently experiencing (at UN level – apart from da buerocraZy sausage machina)

11/05/2023, 08:17 – +32 476 22 38 41: Always such nice wise words! You are right.

11/05/2023, 08:22 – Markus Krebsz: <Media omitted>

11/05/2023, 08:23 – +32 476 22 38 41: I will buy the same 👍

11/05/2023, 08:25 – Markus Krebsz: Which is why am trying to find the balance for my piece to keep political interferences out as long as possible whilst attracting/garnering/reflecting expert views (incl. from this grouping of brightest minds 😉)

11/05/2023, 08:28 – Markus Krebsz: (and, I’ve been as transparent as can be and when I am at liberty of doing so. More to come…)

11/05/2023, 08:28 – +91 60020 73915: The voting got over. ADOPTED.

11/05/2023, 08:49 – Vibhav Mithal: Nice! EU AI Act is what I assume. Is the adopted version out in the public yet?

11/05/2023, 09:04 – Monika Manolova: I think everyone is interested let’s just make sure Richard is okay also with the concept.

11/05/2023, 09:05 – Monika Manolova: They will likely post it in the next couple of days

11/05/2023, 09:05 – Vibhav Mithal: Brilliant

11/05/2023, 09:06 – Vibhav Mithal: I am actually a step before. We must make a proposal first or take another route. And then present to MKAI Leadership Team. This first step is independent of Richard and Team approving or not. If we take the first step to come out with a book/chapter/any output – which is community driven – we will have more clarity on what our output would be.

11/05/2023, 09:13 – Monika Manolova: Alright Vib – let’s set a call and discuss and then open up the GDrives – I should be available next week afternoons. 17th and 19th are best. & I am on EET so 2 hours ahead of UK. Let me know when is preferable and let’s have a quick chat to set it up

11/05/2023, 09:14 – Markus Krebsz: More on procedural details + next timelines around adoption of the EU AI Act:

11/05/2023, 09:16 – Markus Krebsz: (still more buerocraZy hurdles ahead…)

11/05/2023, 09:23 – Paul Levy: This is because of deep flaws in the original founding assumptions and coding of the internet.

Founded mostly on human and physical metaphors the digital world is a creaky, clumsy, unsafe place and it will only get worse without a completely reimagination.

BBC News – Warning UK losing £2,300 per minute to fraud


11/05/2023, 09:27 – +91 99727 00611: pls pick a time keeping India time zone too. Some of the meets are nearing mid night and difficult to attend. Prefer a time prior to 9.30 pm India time

11/05/2023, 09:29 – Markus Krebsz: The real figure is likely higher tbh…

11/05/2023, 09:32 – +32 476 22 38 41: Interesting other development. Last year, The GDPR French regulator (the CNIL) fined Clearview AI from Peter Thiel 20.000.000 EUR. Thiel refuses to pay telling he cannot determines/finds back in his database the French data. Yesterday CNIL added 5.200.000 EUR to the original fine. Interesting to see how Thiel will now react…

11/05/2023, 09:34 – +32 476 22 38 41: https://www.lemondeinformatique.fr/actualites/lireamp-la-cnil-ajoute-5-2-meteuro-a-l-amende-de-clearview-ai-90376.html

11/05/2023, 09:35 – +32 476 22 38 41: How Thiel will scrap French data in his HUUUUGE database will be seen by the ChatGPT and others.

11/05/2023, 09:40 – Markus Krebsz: These Big Tech Big Wigs needs to learn – and quick – that they are NOT above the law / regulation


11/05/2023, 10:42 – Vibhav Mithal: Sure Monika. I will get back by Sunday on what between 17th and 19th works better. The window that I can actually do is 9 PM to 11 PM India Time – which I think – is 4.30 PM BST to 6.30 PM BST or 6.30 EEST to 8.30 EEST. Hope that gives clarity. Can hear from others.

11/05/2023, 10:43 – Vibhav Mithal: Hi Pravin – Will do our best. Need an estimate about how many people are interested and how many will join the call.

11/05/2023, 10:43 – Monika Manolova: I’ll post a doodle in an hour 🙂 no worries

11/05/2023, 10:44 – Vibhav Mithal: Perfect. My window remains only 9 PM to 11 PM India Time on a weekday. As a normal day, without any Court emergency, ends prior to this. Let’s see how this shapes up.

11/05/2023, 12:59 – Richard Foster-Fletcher Business: Hey all! Exciting conversation here about a book – looking forward to seeing that proposal and putting my support behind this.

11/05/2023, 13:00 – Richard Foster-Fletcher Business: Starting today I will post the highlights of this community chat on LinkedIn – clearly I won’t post anything personal or sensitive – here is the first one and I would love your feedback:


11/05/2023, 13:00 – Richard Foster-Fletcher Business: Please let me know if you see your comments in this post and would like me to tag you

11/05/2023, 13:04 – +1 (732) 685-7769: This is a great idea.

11/05/2023, 13:08 – Richard Foster-Fletcher Business: This was from 1st to 7th April – over 5,000 characters of text were shared, so I’ve actually made a part 2 that will be published tomorrow 😊

11/05/2023, 13:10 – Richard Foster-Fletcher Business: I will make a point to share our insights weekly – but please don’t let it affect the safety and sanctity of this chat – what you say in here is private and I will only put out things that are clearly ok in the public domain – and if you don’t like anything I’ve posted I will change it or remove it instantly.

11/05/2023, 13:11 – +1 (732) 685-7769: Nice job dude.   Perhaps add links to the diff tools in the posts

11/05/2023, 13:12 – Richard Foster-Fletcher: I’ll put them in the comments

11/05/2023, 13:14 – Adriana Ulici: Hi. You can tag me if you want. I contributed to the categories: Neuroscience and AI &

Health Augmentation.


11/05/2023, 13:14 – Vibhav Mithal: Excellent post Richard. And always free to tag – if you think it is appropriate to tag me for a post. Appreciate your sensitivity and discretion to not post anything sensitive or personal.

11/05/2023, 13:16 – Jessica Gardner: Lovely recap thanks

11/05/2023, 13:29 – +1 (970) 589-2525: This message was deleted

11/05/2023, 13:36 – Monika Manolova: Hey Jess I think you pocket recorded this one 🙂

11/05/2023, 14:00 – +1 (970) 589-2525: 😬

11/05/2023, 14:01 – Monika Manolova: No worries happens

11/05/2023, 14:03 – Markus Krebsz: I was pretty good though – one of the best ones I’ve heard recently… 😉

11/05/2023, 14:12 – Markus Krebsz: “The only way out, is UP!!!”.


Great post from Denis Rothman for anyone concerned about job security in the current bulk tech staff culling climate:


11/05/2023, 16:09 – +44 7710 464275: When I was added to this group I was asked to introduce myself. Reading the messages there’s a bit of impostor syndrome but here goes…

25 years in IT, mainly support and management. Ran database teams, GIS teams, Information teams, allsorts. At Reuters, the Science Museum in London and local government where I live.

I got more interested in machine learning, (there used to be a distinction!), when I moved to Singapore in 2016 when I got involved with Datakind doing pro-bono data work for charities and NGOs. Through that work I got involved with several groups involved in what could be called many areas involved in concern with AI. Alignment, Safety, Ethics…

At Dataking Singapore we formed a group along with the local Effective Altruism group that contributed to the 2nd edition of the Model Artificial Intelligence Governance Framework on AI. With the contributors to the 1st edition being mainly corporates it brought civil society to the table for a few minutes! I think we had an influence.

Other members of the group went on to work on the Singapore Computer Society Body of Knowledge or BoK, (https://www.scs.org.sg/bok/ai-ethics). Similar to the playbook being talked about here.

I feel that Singapore are doing some good work in this area. The Infocomm Media Development Authority, (IMDA), and the Personal Data Protection Commision, (PDPC), of Singapore…

“… have developed A.I. Verify, an AI Governance Testing Framework and Toolkit, to enable industry to demonstrate their deployment of responsible AI. This is currently available as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for system developers and owners who want to be more transparent about the performance of their AI systems through a combination of technical tests and process checks.”

11/05/2023, 16:09 – +44 7710 464275: So where is my interest?

1) Fairness in Data Analysis, not just ML and AI.

2) Climate Change. Listening to sceptics I dug a bit deeper. Physics and Astrophysics is my undergraduate degree so I am interested.

3) Capitalism and inequality in general.

In writing this introduction to myself for this group it made me realise that there is a lot of intersectionality between these wicked problems and I do believe that many of those who are skeptical about Anthropogenic Climate Change and do not believe in limiting the free markets including in AI are believers in an ideaology that advocates for small or no government, little or no regulation, low to zero tax. Namely free market capitalists or neo-liberals bordering on objectivism, a belief in Ayn Rand’s philosophy, if it can be called that.

It makes me wonder if the objections to things like climate science are not real, they think that the free markets are being limited.

11/05/2023, 16:10 – +44 7710 464275: So what’s to be done about issues with AI?

For #1 then we should all be demanding transparency:

1) When are ML models used?

2) What is the data used? Did the data have a datasheet? (https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.09010)

3) What governance processes are looking after my data?

4) Do the models have model cards? (https://arxiv.org/abs/1810.03993)

5) If this goes wrong for me what processes, mitigations and compensations are in place? How will you deal with it?

With recent generative AI are we being too anthropomorphic? To mymind these systems are very sophisticated word sequence predictors. Ascribing results to intelligence I think is a bit misplaced. Saying they “halucinate” reinforces that. As humans we process, store and recall information via a variety of biological sensors and systems that means we “remember” things that are not just auditory, visual or text based. I would regard them as very knowledgable, impassionate, logical oracles. A bit like a super Spock or super vulcan!

I do wonder if they are more deontological than the utilitarian or consequential applications that many would ascribe to them.

Resources to help with these questions:


This freely available course is a few years old now but is a great start and points to many other resources and questions to ask. Jeremy Howard and Rachel Thomas are really good people to follow.

11/05/2023, 16:11 – +44 7710 464275: A book sounds interesting. Happy to try to contribute!

11/05/2023, 16:14 – Paul Levy: This message was deleted

11/05/2023, 16:14 – Paul Levy: This message was deleted

11/05/2023, 16:14 – Paul Levy: The idea of Generative AI hallucinating becomes particularly relevant and even apt when AI bots are endowed with physical agency. If a hacked generative AI weapon is given faked data it can absolutely wipe out innocents in error.

11/05/2023, 16:17 – +91 98678 91189: https://www.instagram.com/p/CsGIrWWPlw2/?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

11/05/2023, 16:18 – +91 98678 91189: I read this news just few minutes ago, and was surprised to see…

How now AI is been used to propagate fake pictures… I think it’s time to become more careful & be alert before Believing in anything…

11/05/2023, 16:41 – Markus Krebsz: <Media omitted>

11/05/2023, 16:54 – Thomas Witt: Epimenides was a Cretan who made the immortal statement: “All Cretans are liars.” – Is this the internet telling you that you can’t trust what the internet tells you?

11/05/2023, 17:41 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: 👏🌸


11/05/2023, 17:51 – +51 996 073 799: Sounds good also in timezone UTC-5, here in Peru it will be morning

11/05/2023, 17:53 – Monika Manolova: I will send you the doodle shortly 🙂

11/05/2023, 23:28 – Vibhav Mithal: Great to meet you @447710464275 ! And this is great work. Would really like to learn more about the work being done in Singapore.

12/05/2023, 08:11 – Adriana Ulici: What do you think about the advances that is making AI in reading out minds? If people would know what we think, how would be our relationship with them, mostly with friends and family?

What could be the ethical implications? Would you agree or desagree and why?

12/05/2023, 08:13 – +46 72 090 21 53 joined using this group’s invite link

12/05/2023, 11:24 – Karen Beraldo: Hello there @46720902153 welcome! Would you say a few words about yourself as an introduction?

12/05/2023, 11:29 – +46 72 090 21 53: Hi, I am Vinay K Shukla, working & living in Sweden. I and Adriana had worked in the same assignment last year.

Its interesting to join this AI community.

Could you introduce yourself?

12/05/2023, 12:08 – +44 7890 919886: I’m privileged to be on the panel with the Master of the Rolls for the 20th Annual Law Reform Lecture, which  will explore the rapidly evolving role of artificial intelligence in law, and the challenges that are and/or may be experienced, as we progress into a virtual world.

I believe all the in person tickets are sold out but remote tickets available, if any of you are interested


12/05/2023, 12:10 – Adriana Ulici: Welcome, Vinay. It’s great to have you here! ☘️

12/05/2023, 12:35 – +91 95572 71561 joined using this group’s invite link

12/05/2023, 15:56 – +1 (512) 394-2343: The AI Dilemma, great conversation about AI:

12/05/2023, 15:58 – Vibhav Mithal: This is fantastic ! Congratulations !!

12/05/2023, 16:07 – +91 60020 73915: Wow! this is truly amazing. Congratulations! 👏👏

12/05/2023, 17:15 – Karen Beraldo: Welcome! I am Karen from the MKAI leadership team, currently managing communications.

12/05/2023, 17:16 – Karen Beraldo: @919557271561 hello! We would love to hear a few words from you and your experience 😃

12/05/2023, 17:20 – +91 95572 71561: Hi , I am Sudarsh Chaturvedi, currently an undergraduate engineer in AI/ML. I am also a tech founder of Seneca which is basically me working with all the new technology available for an all inclusive benefit to the end user , from Web3 to Generative AI and GANs along with Healthcare to HPC and quantum computing. I firmly believe in the passion for a field, defines it and am not afraid of being inter-disciplinary and learning new things.

12/05/2023, 17:24 – Karen Beraldo: Welcome!

12/05/2023, 18:46 – Jessica Gardner: <Media omitted>

12/05/2023, 18:52 – +91 60020 73915: With the developments taking place in this domain, the issue needs immediate attention.

12/05/2023, 18:53 – Adriana Ulici: Hi Sudarsh, I’m glad you joined the group! ☘️

12/05/2023, 18:59 – +91 60020 73915: @40770993155 I don’t know whether you’ve gone through it or not but there is a report entitled ‘Neurotechnology law and the legal profession’ by Allen McKay. Might be of some help.

12/05/2023, 19:00 – Jessica Gardner: I think it’s so cool ❤

12/05/2023, 19:10 – Markus Krebsz: @919818937603 & I provided input for the development if a European Code of Conduct for non-invasive brain interfaces

Will share link here later…

12/05/2023, 19:17 – +91 60020 73915: <Media omitted>

12/05/2023, 19:26 – Markus Krebsz: Found it


12/05/2023, 19:31 – Jessica Gardner: <Media omitted>

12/05/2023, 19:31 – Jessica Gardner: I asked Bard AI how to work faster lol

12/05/2023, 19:32 – Jessica Gardner: Please excuse the lol part ooops

12/05/2023, 19:33 – Adriana Ulici: Thanks, I will take a look.  🙏

12/05/2023, 19:39 – Jessica Gardner: Cool

12/05/2023, 19:39 – Adriana Ulici: I think it goes further towards treatment of mental illness.

12/05/2023, 19:41 – Adriana Ulici: Maybe we could learn to express openly our thoughts and feelings and learn how to give up hate, envy, self-destructive emotions, injustice judgments, etc. Concretizations of feelings and emotions are expressed throughout the inner dialogue in the brain.

Accept ourselves by conducting a self analysis of our thoughts and letting go of unnecessary experiences.

By analyzing people’s intentions, maybe harming others could be prevented.

Setting the responsibilities for specific actions would be easier.

I wonder if people would be capable of manipulating their own thoughts intentionally, so AI could “detect” or “read” what they want. Would people with psychopathology be “read” by AI when they convince themselves of certain feelings to evade responsibility for their acts?

12/05/2023, 19:48 – Jessica Gardner: I’m not sure 🧐🤓🤔

12/05/2023, 19:49 – Jessica Gardner: I like the creating aspects and reminds me of the movies 🎬  like also um 3D calls and 3D kind of amazing new tech but I hope it’s affordable

12/05/2023, 19:50 – Jessica Gardner: 3D calls or you could choose outfits with visualization of items for dress 👗

12/05/2023, 19:53 – +1 (512) 394-2343: Any creatives in here? I am working on something of a scifi story involving AI and could use some feedback.

12/05/2023, 19:56 – Adriana Ulici: In this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1DVyZ2JBqo&t=2s&ab_channel=NBCNews) it is mentioned this book “, “The Battle for your Brain: Defending the Right to Think Freely in the Age of Neurotechnology” that would be interesting to read.

I will listen to this podcast that seems interesting and related to this topic:

“Can Someone Hack My Brain? (with Professor Nita Farahany)”


12/05/2023, 19:58 – Adriana Ulici: I guess this is more related to communication brain-to-machine, which is an AI tech in ongoing research.

12/05/2023, 20:09 – Jessica Gardner: Yeah I watched it Thanks for sharing and Yeah it’s related to the brain to machine Yeah totally mmm ❣️

12/05/2023, 20:33 – Jessica Gardner: Oooooh sure

12/05/2023, 20:37 – Adriana Ulici: @Angshuman This article is about Neuralink, the AI tech for inserting a microchip into the brain, mainly conceived for overcoming mental disorders. There can be external devices as well annexed to the body with the same effect, which monitor the neural activity and records it. It is possible to influence it as well.

The application of this AI tech raises ethical questions as well, such as authonomy, privacy, responsibility, etc.

It is very interesting, I will finish reading it. ☘️

12/05/2023, 20:38 – Adriana Ulici: I wonder if the same AI chip device could be used for several purposes, or there will be a collaboration or integration of many functionalities in one single device. For example for mind reading, for enhancing mental capabilities, for curing ilnesses, for prevention of strokes, for impiding thoughts that can tirn into crimes, etc.

12/05/2023, 21:24 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: It is so exciting!

12/05/2023, 21:26 – +51 996 073 799: Impiding thoughts that can lead into crimes? As far as I know, we all have all kinds of experimental thoughts, but just concrete a minimal percentage. Don’t we need mind experiments in our own imagination? Who exactly is going to decide when it is a danger? What are crimes, wasn’t it shortly ago that homosexuality was considered a crime? Or a illness that had to be cured? Who is going to decide? Is human culture so infalible? If it isn’t, should we control or even  monitor thoughts? We think of course it shall not fall into wrong hands, but who is going to decide which are the right ones?

12/05/2023, 21:28 – +51 996 073 799: There a great possibilities to improve life quality, indeed , but also big ones to make money, and to manipulate, etc. I am not saying this developments should not be explored, but please not without a lot of caution

12/05/2023, 21:29 – Adriana Ulici: Great reflections! 👏

12/05/2023, 21:29 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: This message was deleted

12/05/2023, 21:31 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: A lot of potential with this kind of technology. If we need to send only information in the brain, we do not need a chip device, I think. The sound world is beauteous also. 😉

12/05/2023, 21:34 – Adriana Ulici: Are you referring to biofrequency type of music or vibrations that can influence brain frequency?

12/05/2023, 21:35 – +51 996 073 799: Impressing

12/05/2023, 21:36 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Aye 🥹

12/05/2023, 21:45 – +91 98915 63232 joined using this group’s invite link

12/05/2023, 21:47 – Adriana Ulici: Yes, I heard that sound could be used for several purposes, including as a fire extinguisher.

12/05/2023, 21:50 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: It is not really my sector but it is strongly probable we can communicate just with chips between two people if we can read the mind and so on.

Electronic telepathy on the way…

I take this example with sir cyborg Neil Harbisson: http://t.ted.com/DnodNqe

12/05/2023, 21:56 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Science is amazing 🌸

12/05/2023, 21:56 – Adriana Ulici: @_G_ArtRay Yes, I think they call this type of communication “brain-to-brain”, when is bidirectional.

I wonder if Electronic telepathy is not unidirectional? 🤔

12/05/2023, 21:57 – Adriana Ulici: @919891563232 Welcome to the group, Aniket! 🍀

12/05/2023, 21:59 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: <Media omitted>

12/05/2023, 22:09 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Aye. Technically, no. Biologically, yes.

If you receive 1000 communications at the same time, I think the brain will be very overloaded, wounded and with epilepsy crisis.

You are paralysed, all your senses are disconnected and in time you will die I think.

This is my imagination…

12/05/2023, 22:10 – Adriana Ulici: It looks interesting! ☀️

12/05/2023, 22:21 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: For example, it is very easy to disturb an organism on this field. I take whales in the example. You can easily perturb the echolocation of this animal with electronics.

12/05/2023, 22:26 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Imagine for a human with a chip. 🤔

12/05/2023, 22:29 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Epilepsy and maybe depression with a good sound … 🤔

12/05/2023, 22:42 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Hhh, if you use satellites you can maybe affect a large area… It is so good for a science-fiction scenario 🗒️✍️

Or not. 😉

13/05/2023, 04:27 – +91 60020 73915: @40770993155 yes, Neuralink of Elon Musk. It has lot of competitors now. You can also check this below article out if you haven’t. 👇

13/05/2023, 04:27 – +91 60020 73915: https://amp-theguardian-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/amp.theguardian.com/technology/2023/may/01/ai-makes-non-invasive-mind-reading-possible-by-turning-thoughts-into-text

13/05/2023, 07:27 – +91 90410 47364: Hello everyone. Thank you for helping me to grow along with you. I am so excited to start my own research group – MINDFUL AND SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE. I wish to have everyone out there, whosoever is interested in intricate aspects of mindfulness and spiritual computing. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14252017

13/05/2023, 07:34 – Adriana Ulici: @916002073915 It’s exciting line of research Neuralink with many possibilities.

The article looks interesting. Thanks for sharing! 🙏

13/05/2023, 07:36 – Adriana Ulici: Congratulations! 🎉 I am interested to join the group. 👏

13/05/2023, 08:09 – Markus Krebsz: Imagine what happens when [govts/authorities/criminals] start deploying this tech on a wholesale scale 🤔

Maybe ” Die Gedanken sind Frei!” won’t soon be apply anymore:

Will this be the end of freedom of thought 😱


13/05/2023, 08:11 – Markus Krebsz: P.S. the next step will be turning the tech into a mind-hacking technique:

1) read ppl’s thoughts, incl. Yours

2) delete the ones that are unwanted, incl. Yours

3) replace with the ones – someone else – wants you to think

13/05/2023, 08:12 – Markus Krebsz: If an AI does it, humanity may become enslaved by tech

13/05/2023, 08:12 – Markus Krebsz: (p.s. am a risk manager so that’s what-if scenario thinking)

13/05/2023, 08:13 – Adriana Ulici: Yes, it’s a bit scary. But it might be as well the beginning of a new real justice. Maybe injustice and wrong judicial decisions could be avoided. 🤔

13/05/2023, 08:14 – Markus Krebsz: That would require wholesale system change

13/05/2023, 08:16 – Adriana Ulici: Deleting bad memories could cause healing from mental illness, depression, etc. Sometimes might be necessary, when no other method is functioning.

13/05/2023, 08:17 – Adriana Ulici: Yes, it surely will.

13/05/2023, 08:18 – Markus Krebsz: Yes, uses can be good too

Users will likely be (more) bad

13/05/2023, 08:18 – Adriana Ulici: This would be the “creation” of humans want to manipulate making use of AI.

13/05/2023, 08:19 – Markus Krebsz: “Opium to the masses” any politicians’ dream to get everyone to vote for them etc

13/05/2023, 08:19 – Markus Krebsz: Yes

13/05/2023, 08:37 – Monika Manolova: It is saying that the technology is personalised. This is excellent news for people with certain speech challenges. But it is far away from being mass produced or used as we engage with language in a different fashion. I would like to know more about it though.

13/05/2023, 08:44 – Adriana Ulici: I am curious about that as well. AI helping improve speech issues. As an example, recently a person ftom Spain that had a car accident that affected his spinal cord and speed capacity id doing recovery. He improved the mobility, but not the speech issue. This causes him not to find work, as people consider that he had the brain affected. People’s mentality is wrongly judgemental, confusing speech issues with brain issues. 🧠

13/05/2023, 08:49 – Jessica Gardner: Is that like yoga kind of thing? ❤

13/05/2023, 08:49 – Jessica Gardner: thanks for the link and invite aswell ❤

13/05/2023, 08:50 – Monika Manolova: If we reach a point of decentralised AI tools that support people in personalised fashion that would streamline this particular challenge. But it is still a bit far away still this is perhaps one of the 1st time I’ve seen ChatGPT used for such a cool human-beneficial purpose.

13/05/2023, 08:51 – Jessica Gardner: shooo imagine this hey? woa

13/05/2023, 08:53 – Jessica Gardner: That is not good mmm people need to kinder to people with disabilities for sure … hope that AI can help with that hopefully perhaps ?

13/05/2023, 08:54 – +39 380 138 8253: This is true,I would like to share a practical example of a young and excellent lady with changes managing to contribute as activist of people with disabilities should be considered in technological advancement. Her Name is *Haben Girma* you can read about her https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haben_Girma

13/05/2023, 08:54 – +39 380 138 8253: https://habengirma.com/

13/05/2023, 08:55 – Jessica Gardner: Maybe we should also start training and teaching AI to learn manners and nice behaviours eg by saying “Please and Thank you” as well as peacefulness to perhaps counter act the possible threats of aggression that @447985065045 and others so well brought to attention … what do you guys think of that kind of thing too?

13/05/2023, 09:51 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Minority Report: https://youtu.be/BmSarhudhiY?t=360

Hhh 🤔

Imagine if the Blue Brain Intervention Police Forces (BBIPF) have access to the neuronal network of the society, it is easier to know what you think. I can imagine it is easier with AI to detect deviant thinks. A world where you I scary about your how brain and the chip: the perfect dissuasion.

If you think bad, the police come by the door and by the windows with the dunce cap.

I am taking note for the scenario 🗒️✍️

13/05/2023, 10:04 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: It is better than George Orwell or Aldous Huxley 😉

All right reserved 😂

13/05/2023, 14:37 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: [Insight] 🤔

Regarding the chip in the brain, there are other potential strongly interesting about emergencies also.

The medical sector can put all the main information inside and can be updated at a distance. This is allowed to follow your vital signs.

However, if you are in a bad situation like unconsciousness, stroke, heart attack, the emergencies can know quickly with the analysis of data from AI and call an intervention. For this efficiency I think it is necessary to put other biosensors in the body to have all the data necessary.

And so on.

The brain chip is interesting on different fields, but in the wrong hands it can be a nightmare. It is always the same thematic, it depends on how you use the technology for which goal.


13/05/2023, 14:52 – +51 996 073 799: Genau, I also thought of that song

13/05/2023, 14:55 – +51 996 073 799: Wasn’t it Kleist who did not want to go to a shrink because he did not want to his demons being taken from him?

13/05/2023, 14:57 – +51 996 073 799: We live in a world of positivity which denies the value of negative feelings and thoughts, but that is only culturally a moment. Would we like to live without melancholy? Of course, I know you talk of clinical depression

13/05/2023, 15:09 – Adriana Ulici: Yes, was Kleist. By “loosing his demons” he thought he wil lose his creativity. He commited suicide in the end, as he suffered from depression and melancholy.

13/05/2023, 15:12 – Adriana Ulici: Yes, it’s more about profound depression that doesn’t allow someone to have a fulfilling life. We all can feel melancholy or depression sometimes, but we awake from it. There are people whi remain there, because it’s their inner nature, or for external circumstances that control them. Many people conform with that, but some don’t.

13/05/2023, 15:16 – Adriana Ulici: There is another interesting aspect regarding memories, as they are not localized only in the brain.

Erasing harmful memories it is be quite a sensitive topic. It will be difficult to do, as new medicine starts to realize that the memories are not localized in the brain, they spread along other organs.

13/05/2023, 15:18 – +51 996 073 799: And we still know  very very little about how they work, how something we think is useless or harmful does have a relevant functionality in organs and or mind.

13/05/2023, 15:18 – +46 72 090 21 53: <Media omitted>

13/05/2023, 15:18 – +46 72 090 21 53: <Media omitted>

13/05/2023, 15:18 – +46 72 090 21 53: <Media omitted>

13/05/2023, 15:18 – +46 72 090 21 53: <Media omitted>

13/05/2023, 15:21 – +51 996 073 799: But was that illness or choice? Not something we can answer, I guess. Our actual idea of medicine aims more at destroying what it thinks is bad, instead of searching equilibrium like other medic logics

13/05/2023, 15:22 – +1 (512) 394-2343: Good recap of AI news this week:

13/05/2023, 15:23 – +91 90410 47364: Hey. I am excited to launch my own research group – MINDFUL AND SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE. If you are interested in intricate aspects of mindfulness, emotional intelligence , mental health analysis and spiritual computing, please feel free to join us. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14252017

13/05/2023, 15:28 – Markus Krebsz: The book “Artificial intelligence versus Natural intelligence” explores a lot around human / machine “consciousness”. A very worthwhile read!

13/05/2023, 15:49 – +55 11 96864-3388: It would be terrible since our nightmares and instable thoughts as imperfect humans would be available.

13/05/2023, 15:51 – +55 11 96864-3388: This is dystopia

13/05/2023, 16:03 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Aye

13/05/2023, 16:06 – +91 95572 71561: Similar but a bit better rendition of such was seen in blade runner 2049 where you were mandated a face scan by AI that would check for the slightest hint of anger , resentment or violence in your expression and only then allowed you to do your Job or be a member of society

13/05/2023, 16:15 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Aye. With the brain chip, we can improve this point in worse 🤔😉

Otherwise, I think about this episode from Black Mirror: https://youtu.be/WTbbSZg4A3k

13/05/2023, 16:17 – Markus Krebsz: Probably the point at which I’ld rather “check out”!

Beam. me. up. Scotty…

13/05/2023, 16:21 – +52 771 214 8703 joined using this group’s invite link

13/05/2023, 16:25 – +91 60020 73915: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/louis-rosenberg-025851132_ai-ethicalai-ugcPost-7063155179990253568-9kj_?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_android

13/05/2023, 16:25 – +91 60020 73915: Hey guys! Check out the amazing video above.

13/05/2023, 16:31 – Richard Johnson left

13/05/2023, 16:27 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Regarding the brain chip, we can also like fingers have a unique ID for life and there can be very interesting to have an ethical approach on this topic.

Again an episode from Black Mirror strongly cold, you are blocked by all the society: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dXqugxU1sk

Dystopia power… 😕

13/05/2023, 16:30 – +91 60020 73915: Question: if a conversational AI (generative AI & not chatbots etc.) ‘nudges’ me in thinking in a particular way say ‘x’ and I think in that way, does it amount to violation of my mental privacy right (as my thought is not original and it is the conversational AI that ‘nudged’ me to think on that way)?

13/05/2023, 16:33 – +91 89777 44348 joined using this group’s invite link

13/05/2023, 16:55 – Markus Krebsz: Violation of freedom of thought, yeah

13/05/2023, 17:05 – Paul Levy: The premise may be incorrect. The nudgers in this case are shadowy real human beings, not to so called “AI”. If a brick falls on my head, what cracked my skull open – the brick or the negligent builder?

13/05/2023, 17:06 – +91 60020 73915: @447985065045 I think had it not been for the conversational AI, I won’t have had thought in that way so the question of violation of my right to privacy doesn’t arise

13/05/2023, 17:09 – Markus Krebsz: Behavioural nudging is a technique applied (by govts / public service bodies / corps) for years

One could argue this is also a violation of our rights of freedom of thought

It’s da ppl, typical legal entities who dream up this kind of manipulation/ propaganda, whether openly or covert

“AI is just another tool – designed by humans”

(The Gospel of St. @447932768980 )

13/05/2023, 17:09 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Good question. Logically I would like to say the builder, but in fact it is more complicated.

13/05/2023, 17:11 – Markus Krebsz: Also, one may argue a petrol-powered chau saw will not start walking around by itself and slicing ppl into two

An autonomous robot might though …

13/05/2023, 17:11 – Markus Krebsz: #chainsaw

13/05/2023, 17:12 – +91 60020 73915: the last part of your sentence is what I want you to think about

13/05/2023, 17:29 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Galaxy+Note+7+video&view=detail&mid=D98E342A26AD93E7546CD98E342A26AD93E7546C&FORM=VIRE

I take this example.

About my side, this is the builder who is the main responsible if we have a problem with a technology or not technology. For AI this is the same way, but with laws and contracts the builder has the right to make errors (not voluntary of course) to recall his technology, study it, improve it and sell it. Because this is with mistakes we can improve systems. Fortunately, because all the company will be worrying to innovate.

13/05/2023, 17:33 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: This is why it is good to do Human-Centered Design with customers to improve systems before to sell them 😉

13/05/2023, 17:39 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Unfortunately, Human-Centered Design is not free, and more you take time on this part and more you lose money. This is why we have a little part before and the service after sell to improve systems in real time to save money for a time with the collective intelligence. To avoid mistakes it is good to inform the customers they are the power to improve the product with feedback.

13/05/2023, 17:43 – Paul Levy: Autonomous robots were still activated at one point to be autonomous by a human being. There was always an original human actor pushing the rock off the cliff

13/05/2023, 17:44 – You added Timi Akande

13/05/2023, 17:45 – Richard Foster-Fletcher: Welcome @447403484184 (who is standing next to me right now 😂😂)

13/05/2023, 17:45 – Richard Foster-Fletcher: Please can you introduce yourself when you have a moment to this very lovely group 🙏🙏

13/05/2023, 17:45 – Markus Krebsz: Picture pls 🙏

13/05/2023, 17:49 – Richard Foster-Fletcher: <Media omitted>

13/05/2023, 18:02 – Jessica Gardner: Cool what are you guys up to?

13/05/2023, 18:17 – Richard Foster-Fletcher: Visiting my Aunt in Canterbury (UK) and meeting her friends. 🙌 Sun’s out ☀️ Beautiful day.

13/05/2023, 18:22 – Jessica Gardner: Ahh that’s lovely 💃 enjoy!

13/05/2023, 19:14 – Ana Maria Irueste-Montes: As I tried to follow the conversation the questions seem to reflect moral judgment, and what seems to be a need of positivity. The truth is that we do best when we live in the edge of the light and the shadow. Emotions, all of them have a place. I want to be angry in front of injustice. Anger is an emotion that tends to move us to action, there would be no civil rights movement if there was no anger. Also how do we create a more accepting society and who is to say acquiring one disability is a tragedy, when we hear stories that their tragedy allowed them the growth and development they would not have. We want simple answers and view the problems as linear.

For example in the old would you push the switch to save 4 people and sacrifice 1. I want people to think, what if the 4 were terrorist on the way to destroy a city. What if the 1 was on the verge of coming with a vaccine to save millions. Would you still choose to sacrifice 1? Who has the right which life is worth saving? Right now I am wearing a heart monitor for 30 days that will give my cardiologist a lot of information. That could not happen without AI . That does not absolve me from being responsible for my life, what I do and what I it. I hate when organizations are dubstituting machines for human beings in addition to being extremely frustrating for the human that is trying to each another human , it can have catastrophic effects on our ability to connect and empathize with each other. AI has a place but I believe it needs to remain limited in how it can help humanity.

13/05/2023, 19:16 – Ana Maria Irueste-Montes: I am sharing this as I just celebrate my 79 birthday in a beautiful sunny California day. 🙂🙃🙂

13/05/2023, 19:17 – +593 96 726 7249: Happy birthday

13/05/2023, 19:17 – Jessica Gardner: Happy birthday

13/05/2023, 19:20 – +44 7710 464275: Happy Birthday!

13/05/2023, 19:20 – Adriana Ulici: Happy birthday! 🎉🎁🎂

13/05/2023, 19:21 – Ana Maria Irueste-Montes: Thanks, sorry for the spelling mistakes, I did not edit it before posting.

13/05/2023, 19:24 – Richard Foster-Fletcher: Happy birthday @18053410217, very best wishes. Sending hugs ❤️

13/05/2023, 19:28 – +1 (818) 917-0636: Welcome @916002073915

You should chat with @918447458389

He’s the AI legal expert here.

13/05/2023, 19:28 – +51 996 073 799: Big fan of Rosenberg

13/05/2023, 19:30 – +1 (818) 917-0636: Happiest birthday @18053410217

May this continuation be fruitful in every way.


13/05/2023, 19:35 – +44 7710 464275: This is part of the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people!” argument. However when a technologies main purpose is  harm, even weaponised tech then maybe regulation is needed to sort out the provenance and governance of that tech. With AI models the problems are with the unintended consequences. So what is needed is to sort out explainability, monitoring use, the mitigations and processes for bad results and compensation schemes for those affected.

13/05/2023, 19:38 – +44 7710 464275: I thought this was good at showing how we need to be careful about the questions.

13/05/2023, 19:39 – +44 7710 464275: A few years old but still pertinent. Apologies if any of you have seen it before.

13/05/2023, 19:39 – Vibhav Mithal: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday @18053410217 !! Thank you for sharing that with us!! Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!

13/05/2023, 19:50 – Vibhav Mithal: Hi @916002073915 (once again). I got a chance to read your background now, even though we have interacted on the group. We can of course speak offline as well, but to give you a macro perspective of the research that you want to do. Very simply and briefly put, AI ‘law, policy and governance’ are three different tracks.

a. AI ‘law’: There are yet not any formal ‘hard laws’. The first law in that regard is in fact the EU AI Act, which we have discussed here, is something that has just been passed. The formalities will be completed in June perhaps, as we understand. There may be a time period within which companies may comply with these rules. If you are looking at voluntary laws – like ‘soft law’ – you have publications in US, India, amongst many other countries. US and India, is more detailed, beyond mere white papers and broad strategy. However, a draft law only exists in Europe.

b. AI ‘policy’ is a different landscape: It includes various facets of law – IP, data, constitutional rights, criminal law – etc., but would also include areas that are not technically in the legal field – but are important intersections with law. For example – cross interaction with people involved in developing AI tools, or investing in AI companies. And perhaps broader than that. From an Indian context, again, we have some organizations working in this space.

c. AI ‘governance’ on the other hand – is an actual profession – as on date – articulated and handled differently in different countries. This is better acted upon, currently, in mature jursidictions, where despite lack of laws, purely on the basis of ‘soft law’ principles (like the US Bill of Rights, the US NIST framework), companies operating in the jurisdiction are pro-active for compliance and are thus engaging in AI ‘governance’ activities. AI ‘governance’ is the broadest umbrella and will include Ethics, Bias assessment, privacy and many facets.

Hope this gives you a good idea of the landscape and hope this also helps shape the conversation of this community around these topics. Thank you @18189170636 for that very kind reference. This community has many brilliant minds @916002073915 and I have just stirred the pot for you. 🙂

13/05/2023, 20:14 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Happy birthday 🌸

13/05/2023, 21:14 – +91 93048 84835 joined using this group’s invite link

13/05/2023, 21:16 – Timi Akande: hi all its a pleasure to be here and apart of this community centered around AI 😄

13/05/2023, 21:17 – +91 93048 84835: Hi myself Akash from India. An AI/ML enthusiast from India. Thanks @Adriana for the joining link.

13/05/2023, 21:42 – Vibhav Mithal: Hi @359888771247 and everyone. I think 17th May works best. Can we fix 9 PM India Time – 4.30 PM BST – 6.30 PM EEST? Alternatively, we can try 30 minutes earlier – at 8.30 PM India – 4 PM BST and 6 PM EEST. This is a call to figure out this discussion on the book.

13/05/2023, 21:43 – Vibhav Mithal: Welcome @919304884835 to MKAI. I am an AI and an IP lawyer based out of New Delhi, India. Good to see you here. Feel free to start or join in any conversation over here. No one claims to be right or wrong. Everyone is learning.

13/05/2023, 21:50 – Adriana Ulici: May 17th at 6 pm EEST is good for me. 🌟

13/05/2023, 21:51 – Vibhav Mithal: Thanks @40770993155. That is 8.30 PM India Time. Let’s wait to hear from the rest.

13/05/2023, 21:51 – Adriana Ulici: @Akash Welcome, Akash! Great to have you here! 🍀

13/05/2023, 22:00 – Ana Maria Irueste-Montes: Will you send where to connect?

13/05/2023, 22:09 – Markus Krebsz: Wonderful news and have a fabulous special day❣️

13/05/2023, 22:26 – +55 11 96864-3388: Happy Birthday!

13/05/2023, 22:39 – Ana Maria Irueste-Montes: Thanks, by sharing my birthday, I hope to remind you that although AI is important, we need to make sure it stays where it belongs, what is most important is the time we have with each other, connecting and caring for one another , for all earths creatures and this fabulous paradise that we live in call earth. Nature is ever vigilant, ever changing, perfect in its imperfection. We, like nature need to be ever vigilant, and we also need to make time to play, to enjoy the beauty, and to love one another. There is no substitute for human contact. No substitute to be a witness to each others pain and joy.

13/05/2023, 23:45 – Richard Foster-Fletcher Business: 👇👇


What does everyone think? Should the MKAI community support this bid?

14/05/2023, 01:34 – +51 996 073 799: I think yes, with concrete goals assumed by some teams

14/05/2023, 05:52 – Monika Manolova: Happy belated Birthday @18053410217 ☺️

14/05/2023, 05:52 – Monika Manolova: Beautiful completely agree

14/05/2023, 07:24 – Adriana Ulici: @447786575894 I think it would be interesting to support this research center focused on People – Centred AI. ☘️

14/05/2023, 08:36 – +46 72 225 18 98 joined using this group’s invite link

14/05/2023, 11:01 – Markus Krebsz: <Media omitted>

14/05/2023, 11:56 – +91 95572 71561: See the major points is even though I agree with him , it’s actually impossible to stop the progress without damaging and setting the field back to the AI winter of 90s-late 2010s

14/05/2023, 11:57 – +91 95572 71561: Cause only a certain faction will stop not the entire world as why would they, if entire world isn’t agreeing on climate change action it’s highly unlikely it will face AI as a whole

14/05/2023, 12:03 – +91 99727 00611: works well for me too

14/05/2023, 13:06 – +1 (732) 685-7769: Happy birthday @18053410217

14/05/2023, 13:07 – +91 99727 00611: happy birthday

14/05/2023, 13:38 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: [Insight]   

If algorithms are like an AGI or maybe a hypothetical ASI in the long term, what can be the goal of this machine? Protect his how evolution for what goal? To protect his capacities to aliment his systems? There is something sounds wrong.   

It is probable that the main danger is the capacity of adaptation of the mankind with the hyper rationality and hyper logic of the machine. I think they are a huge probability than these points will “annihilate us” because we are rational and irrational, because we can have emotions, because we can have love and so on. The machine must be Human-Centered Design again or will hurt us.   

Why did I say that? Just observe how people are with the sciences, the global warming, the misinformation … our capacity of adaptation can allow us to survive or nay. However, this AGI or the hypothetical ASI can lead us on the new thematic of thinks to feed our imaginary in all sectors of sciences. The machine has not our sensibility which is our main singular skill, and we can inspire it to aid us.

Thus, the machine must be to our service not inverse. If machine creates an error window, I hope all mankind will do not follow the bug. The machine becomes what we give to it, and it can become “sentient mirror” if they are a symbiosis with our natural intelligence. All mankind is an imaginary potential force for the machine. The machine alone will be hyper specialized but so narrow.

Oh! An example of how AI can be used. Scientists use AI with quantum to check Einstein’s theories like wormholes. It is amazing!  

It is probable this evolution of AI we will have two societies: an educated society connected to AI and the other. Probable we will have a super elite who will lead others. This point will not surprise me, just regarding the history of mankind.

14/05/2023, 13:43 – +1 (441) 777-2088: <Media omitted>

14/05/2023, 13:47 – +91 98915 63232: Anyone help me to improve my English in us accent

14/05/2023, 14:56 – Paul Levy: I have always wondered why people accept the concept of human centered design without any questioning.

Human centre designs suggests that there existed a kind of design that was not human-centered.

All design should be, and should always have been human-centered and it says something disturbing and sad about the state of corporations that they ever evolved any form of design that was inhuman. We shouldn’t see human centered design as a good thing but as a normal thing.

14/05/2023, 14:57 – Markus Krebsz: 💯 agree

14/05/2023, 14:58 – +1 (732) 685-7769: Profits over humans.   It’s a shame

14/05/2023, 15:00 – Markus Krebsz: Just pondering what the opposite would be?

Presumably, “machine-centered”?

If so, that would push marginalise humanity, if not diminish it completely, eventually (or suddenly)!

14/05/2023, 15:01 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Agree

14/05/2023, 15:01 – +1 (732) 685-7769: Profit centered Ai

14/05/2023, 15:01 – Markus Krebsz: And that

14/05/2023, 15:04 – +1 (732) 685-7769: What’s going to happen when multi-billion dollar company’s are run by 1 human and Ai ?

When company’s have less and less humans?   Where will people work?  Will our Society just become more and more transactional?

14/05/2023, 15:07 – +46 72 225 18 98: Society and the judiciary are a long way behind the tech, but it is clear that they aren’t doing much to bridge the gap. Rather like Climate Change and COVID, AI might just help to fully expose the corruption within the political system as well as the obsession with capitalism 🤔 🙄

14/05/2023, 15:07 – Markus Krebsz: @447932768980’s dimmer switch analogy’ paired with my view of key risk mgmt objectives would suggest there maybe be something like:

“Human-centered AI, ensuring survival of humanity with a long-term sustainable benefit for society & sustainable profit for corporations”

That WILL need some sort of regulatory intervention at global / UN level (focussed on the “survival” aspect) whilst providing flexibility / breathing-space around sustainable innovation supporting long-term societal goals!!!


I will share more on this in 8 days when I am at liberty of doing so.

Watch. This. Space. 💪

14/05/2023, 15:11 – Markus Krebsz: Sneak peek here 🤫

(scroll through the posts):


14/05/2023, 15:13 – Markus Krebsz: Big THANK YOU to @919818937603 , @17326857769 , @447932768980 , @447471142830, @359888771247 & @447970370064, @918447458389 , @447976745798  for your ongoing support and sharing your wisdom 🙏

14/05/2023, 15:15 – +1 (732) 685-7769: I’m so proud of you and happy for you and for all that you will change for the better   Truly amazing work

14/05/2023, 15:15 – Markus Krebsz: (as well as every active poster here🙏

I listen/read and reflect/address/implement wherever I can & am at liberty of doing so 😉)

14/05/2023, 15:15 – Markus Krebsz: Team effort 💪

Am just the rapporteur 😉

14/05/2023, 15:22 – Vibhav Mithal: Kudos to you Markus. I have interacted with you from the first day I joined this community in 2020, and your kind approach, ability to interact across spectrums and forge friendships is what has led to this. Human-AI institute is truly reflective of your approach generally.

The interactions here have been brilliant and continue to many more that will follow.

14/05/2023, 16:54 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: “Human centre designs suggest that there existed a kind of design that was not human-centered.”


Before the invention of this term, the industrials do not take matters a lot about human’s condition in the production chains and the impact of their products in society since the 19th century.

Human-Centered Design is a philosophy from the 20th century with the emergence of the computer field of how to produce something for the need of humans but also in finality how to optimize products in the society of consummation with a low negative externality.

It is important to notify engineers are educated to rational and logical in the production process. But their production can create harm on consumers in society. Because we do not have all a technical and scientific education. Human-Centered Design is to avoid harming people with the logic of engineers for all sectors.

Today, systems are “cool” but so optimizing to capture your attention for another goal. It is another topic.

14/05/2023, 17:08 – +39 340 263 9769: A way to understand human centered design in innovation is the following

From making people want things (technology push) to make things people want (need and demand pull)

For long time – engineers designed products without even wondering about user experience , needs and behaviors . The parc – Palo Alto research center , in collaboration with Stanford department of mech engineering was one of the first to create mixed teams in product design – putting together engineers with anthropologists , psycologist , etc to consider the interaction between humans and machines

My understanding is that human centered design – at least with the work of the d school at Stanford and later ideo – has some roots in these initial efforts to more explicitly factor in the human in product design

14/05/2023, 17:17 – Vibhav Mithal: Very fascinating insight @33777927464. You are right that AI is what humans feed it to be. Your point about two societies that understand AI and those who do not is also very interesting. I think the issue that has arisen here is the speed with which development is taking place. I think the speed has alarmed scientists who felt that AI may take longer to reach here. I also feel that in light of the fast speed, the caution of AGI is brought forth, to only slow down the speed of deployment.

14/05/2023, 17:19 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: Aye from Stanford. The goal is to improve the user experience of people with products. This is needed to understand different factors for example like need and requirement and so on. This is working essentially with collective intelligence also. It is really powerful and pleasant 😉

14/05/2023, 17:20 – Vibhav Mithal: Rationally speaking – if AI deployment has worked – logic dictates that its speed of adoption will only increase, and not decrease. This entire debate of pausing AI development or even this fear of AGI is trying to do the ‘right’ thing the ‘wrong’ way. Keeping in mind the practicalities, focus should really be how we balance AI adoption with regulation/strictures, and obligations. In that context, the speed of EU to pass the law is actually one actionable step in my view. Also any statements, positions taken in other countries in this regard is also important.

14/05/2023, 17:20 – +55 11 96864-3388: I learned collective intelligence reading Pierre Levy.

14/05/2023, 17:21 – +55 11 96864-3388: I also do some UX research

14/05/2023, 17:22 – Vibhav Mithal: You may have a valid point @393402639769. If we look at the history of computing, the design elements really came in the late 70s, when Steve Jobs got that in Apple. So I do think the roots did come from where you say it did

14/05/2023, 17:22 – +55 11 96864-3388: Interaction design

14/05/2023, 17:34 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: <Media omitted>

14/05/2023, 17:40 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: I also think. However, there exist a stability problem with technic and the society. We are taking conscious engineers do not just create systems really amazing. They are also social engineers strongly powerful but it is not a scoop. 😉

14/05/2023, 17:48 – +1 (732) 685-7769: Thanks for explaining that

14/05/2023, 17:48 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: For me the stop of the process is nonsense. We need to observe, understand and framed this process with laws in an ethical way.

14/05/2023, 17:51 – Paul Levy: Always be wary of a Levy

14/05/2023, 17:51 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: This message was deleted

14/05/2023, 17:52 – +33 7 77 92 74 64: It is really nice what is doing the EU because this shows a good initiative to the world. It is avoided being colonized by AI also. 😉

14/05/2023, 18:38 – +1 (818) 917-0636: Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. 🥰

14/05/2023, 18:41 – Ana Maria Irueste-Montes: Happy Mother’s Day, to all the moms, grandmas, aunts, relatives, friends who share in being mothers to your children and the children in your community. Have a wonderful day 💝

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14/05/2023, 19:55 – +1 (928) 920-1071: <Media omitted>

14/05/2023, 20:11 – Markus Krebsz: Not read yet, but promises to be good:

“The annihilation of democracy or new age of Enlightenment? Best-seller Sapiens author Yuval Noah Harari and Meta head of research Yann LeCun debate.”


14/05/2023, 20:21 – Markus Krebsz: Interestingly, this originated from a LinkedIn post with Yann LeCun and, unusually, he is engaging with posters/commenters.

14/05/2023, 20:21 – Markus Krebsz: With this in mind, the Human-AI.Institute has asked him a question and we encourage others equally to post theirs!

14/05/2023, 20:22 – Markus Krebsz: <Media omitted>

14/05/2023, 20:23 – Markus Krebsz: (which is an opinion, but we want to know how / why?)

14/05/2023, 20:23 – +51 996 073 799: This message was deleted

14/05/2023, 20:25 – Markus Krebsz: Link to his post here: