Warhammer 40K Free-Roam VR Game Announced

Step into the armor of a superhuman Space Marine in this multiplayer free-roam experience.

Stress Level Zero, an international purveyor of location-based VR entertainment, this week announced that is partnering with Games Workshop to launch a free-roam VR game based on the ultra-violent Warhammer 40K franchise. Available at Zero Latency arcades in 2023, the game will serve as a companion experience to the highly-anticipated Space Marine II game which was announced last year during The Game Awards.

Developed in-house using the new Unreal Engine 5 game engine, the 30-minute experience will have you exploring several recognizable locations alongside famous characters from throughout the absolutely-massive Warhammer 40K universe. The multiplayer experience features support for up to eight players at one time, allowing you and your friends to fight for the Imperium of Man together as a team of superhuman Space Marines.

“Warhammer: 40,000: Space Marine 2 is going to be one of the biggest Warhammer video games ever, and it is hugely anticipated by fans globally. This is a fantastic extension of the franchise,” said Jon Gillard, Global Head of Licensing at Games Workshop, in an official release.

“Zero Latency are masters of crafting exciting VR entertainment in locations all over the world, including one near our HQ in Nottingham that we have been to… a lot! We are working closely with their talented team, and using their groundbreaking platform and technology, we know this partnership is going to generate an amazing VR experience that will surprise and delight anyone who’s ever wanted to be a Space Marine.”

“Taking customers inside the world of a Space Marine for the first time is a dream come true, and building the experience from the ground up here at Zero Latency for our next generation platform makes it even more exciting,” added Scott Vandokelaar, Chief Technology Officer at Zero Latency.

“We’ve always set out to create the world’s most effortless immersive experiences, and our new Space Marine adventure will deliver something that’s simply been impossible until now. We’ve been blown away by people’s reaction to Far Cry VR – our exclusive partnership with Ubisoft and nDreams – and we can’t wait to see what they’ll make of this latest adventure.”

Zero Latency currently has over 55 venues across 24 countries where you can immerse yourself in a variety of next-gen free-roam experiences featuring 5K visuals, 360-degree audio, and 90 Hz refresh rates. This includes Far Cry VR, Engineerium, Outbreak Origins, Singularity, Sol Raiders, Undead Arena, and Zombie Survival.

No word yet on an official release date. For more information visit here.

Image Credit: Games Workshop

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