Walmart Now Makes Quest 2 Accessories: Onn Strap, Link & Case

Walmart now carries Onn brand Quest 2 accessories.

VR is starting to have its true mainstream moment with nearly 20 million Quest headsets sold. Meta’s standalone VR headset is so popular, it seems, that Walmart’s in-house brand Onn now offers accessories for Quest 2 just like other major technology products.

Walmart now offers the three accessories for Quest 2 with the Onn branding. Prices are at the time of writing:

Virtual Reality 16` Headset Charge and Data Cable for $49.88
Hard Shell Case for $29.88
Comfort Headset Strap for $24.88

The products come ahead of the expected launch of the far more powerful Quest 3 headset later this year.

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth recently suggested Quest 2 might continue to be sold at an entry level price alongside the new more expensive model. Meta also just announced a price cut of the 256GB edition of the headset down to $430.

Meta has 8 game studios working on VR content for Quest and a major upgrade cycle is likely in 2023 and 2024 even as Quest 2 continues to be sold. With Walmart now offering VR comfort, travel, and PC VR accessories, getting into a headset and then making your journey last longer has never been easier. We’ll be curious to see what VR-related accessories might pop up in stores next.

And when are we going to see an Amazon Basics Quest 2 case?