Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Ch. 1 PSVR 2 Upgrade Is $10 Without Tourist Edition

A new trailer details the upgrade path for Skydance Interactive’s The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 1 from PSVR to PSVR 2.

The full standalone sequel Chapter 2: Retribution releases for PSVR 2 and PC later this month after its initial launch on Quest 2 late last year. The title faced some performance problems at launch, but we’ve been looking forward to trying the updates Skydance released in response to feedback.

Both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 release for PSVR 2 on March 21 and together the two games should offer an incredible amount of deep physical content to players starting with PlayStation VR2 on PS5. For those who bought the game previously on PS4 for PSVR 1, Chapter 1 is a free upgrade on PS5 to those who had the Tourist Edition of the game previously. Skydance revealed in the trailer below the PSVR 2 version of Saints & Sinners – Chapter 1 is a $10 upgrade to those who purchased the standard version.

Chapter 2: Retribution is also listed as coming to PS4 as well over on its PlayStation Store listing. Late last year a Skydance representative told us the sequel was targeted for launch sometime in 2023 for the original PlayStation headset. We reached to see if that’s still the case and will update this post if we hear back.