Vuzix AR Swim Goggles Used For Tactical Scuba Diving

The Vuzix Smart Swim glasses can display valuable information to swimmers and divers while submerged.

Vuzix, a company specializing in wearable augmented reality (AR) technology, recently conducted an experiment in collaboration with OPTAC-X and Kymeta Corporation during which its Vuzix Smart Swim glasses were used to perform a SATCOM-enabled AR scuba dive.

According to an official release, the test was conducted by OPTAC-X CEO Dr. Patrick Fullerton last month just off the coast of Electric Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. The purpose of the experiment was to stress test the visual strength of the AR-enabled goggles at certain depths. A tactical radio was fixed to Fullerton’s tank which communicated with a Kymeta Osprey u8 located roughly 100 yards away in a parking lot.

Credit: Vuzix Corporation

According to Fullerton, the system was able to maintain a stable connection until a depth of roughly 21 feet, at which point the team began to experience signal disruption. In terms of potential uses-cases, Vuzix claims the technology could be used for everything from tele-engineering and tactical dive operations to general technical dive operations.

“We achieved diver connectivity without floating an antenna and in challenging sea conditions 100 yards offshore, providing communication to an SES satellite in geosynchronous equatorial orbit over 22,000 miles away,” said Fullerton, in an official release.

Credit: Vuzix Corporation

“To our knowledge, this is the first dive of its kind and proves that operational, tactical, and maintenance support can be done at sea anywhere around the world,” he added. “We were excited to collaborate with such an innovative company as Vuzix on this endeavor and look forward to working with them via our new reseller relationship.”

“We are thrilled to have OPTAC-X become a Vuzix reseller, as well as be a part of such game-changing technology for the undersea, dive, and tactical diving community,” said Paul Travers, president & CEO of Vuzix. “All of our smart glasses offer high degrees of wearability, durability and performance and, importantly for U.S. military customers, they have been designed and are manufactured in the United States.”

Vuzix Smart Swim glasses are available now for $199. The device can be used both indoors as well as in open water to connect swimmers with coaches and display valuable information such as compass directions and swim pace just to name a few.

Feature Image Credit: Vuzix Corporation

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