VR’s Next Big Battle Royale Shooter Goes into Open Beta Today, Trailer Here

Caveman Studio, the developers behind team-based shooter Contractors (2018), today released the open beta of Contractors Showdown, its upcoming battle royale game for Quest and SteamVR headsets.

The 45-player battle royale shooter presents a pretty big battlefield, touting a 16km² island that’s around a quarter the size of Manhattan, albeit including a mix of landscape with the standard array of dilapidated buildings, various landmarks, hills, and other structures to hide around.

You can squad up with up to three players, or go it alone as you parachute down from your starting point at the airplane, giving you a chance to pick your route before the zone closes which kills those outside. Basic battle royale stuff—but a ton more immersive thanks to the keen gun-handling, climbing ability, backpack inventory system, vertical zipline and parachute that lets you cover distances quickly.

And as you’d expect from any PUBG-inspired game, there’s a whole arsenal littered around the map to choose from too, including pistols, SMGs, automatic rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, flashbangs, and more. That comes along with weapon customization, gear upgrades, damage indicators, and more.

The open beta is set to last from March 1st to March 17th. You can play for free right now on Steam or Quest 2/3/Pro via the Quest Store.

Note: you won’t find Contractors Showdown through the search function on Quest. Only direct ‘access request’ links work, like the one above and those distributed through the official Discord (link below).

It’s not certain when we’ll see official launch, although the game’s Steam page notes it will arrive sometime after April 1st (Q2 2024). To keep tabs on further development, you can also join the Contractor Showdow Discord (invite link).

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