VR Space Exploration Sim Inter Solar 83 Alpha Adds New Planets, Resource Management & More

Inter Solar 83, an interstellar exploration VR adventure, edges closer to launch with a series of closed alpha updates.

Inter Solar 83 is a solo endeavor by Joe Chisholm (Go For Launch: Mercury) from First Time Games. It promises first-person open-world PC VR space exploration through the universe by letting you pilot your own ship and make it your own, also allowing you to step foot beyond the cockpit to explore procedurally generated planets on foot.

In recent months, the closed alpha has received various quality-of-life and feature updates, and a new June trailer commemorating the release of Alpha 3.12 provides a glimpse into these new features.


Recent Alpha updates include an interactive map of the galaxy, asteroid fields, nebulae, fuel and resource management systems, and new planets. These new locations promise more variety to planetary exploration, such as the arrival of moons and ice planets with different terrains to explore alongside imposing gas giants. Other changes include improved textures and an enhanced ship interior.

Future updates currently include space stations and spacewalks with new planetary discoveries to uncover, and new ways to extract resources from these planets, such as mining. Alongside story-driven updates that promise narrative depth to this world, the ability to better personalize your ship, explore new planets, and trade via trade terminals is also on the horizon.

Inter Solar 83 is currently in development for PC VR and a free demo is available on Steam. The closed Alpha is accessible via Patreon, where players can also pre-purchase the game and gain access to future alphas and betas.