VR Show Behind The Dish Is A Mouth-Watering Delight

Go behind the scenes of the culinary world in this beautifully shot episodic series.

The Meta Quest TV app features no shortage of immersive 360-degree content to enjoy, from groundbreaking VR series like Space Explorers: An ISS Experience to live concerts featuring popular artists such as the Foo Fighters and Billie Eilish.

Available now on Meta Quest TV, Behind the Dish is the latest VR series to hit Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro VR headsets, offering viewers a mouth-watering look at high-end cuisine brought to life in incredible detail using a custom-designed 3D macro camera system.

Developed by the Emmy-nominated VR studio TARGO in partnership with Meta, the three-part series follows three female chefs “reshaping a male-dominated industry.” This includes 6-Michelin-star French Chef Helène Darroze, Soul Food Chef Deborah VanTrece, and Sushi Master Yumi Chiba.

Behind the Dish highlights the journeys of three chefs who made it to the top by being unapologetically
authentic,” said TARGO in an official release. “Hélène Darroze had the courage to put an end to a century-old family restaurant and became the most renowned French chef.”

“Yumi Chiba survived breast cancer by turning the art of sushi-making into her source of solace and self-expression,” added the team. “Deborah VanTrece redefined her life and career as an African-American lesbian flight attendant to become a Soul Food chef fascinated with other cultures.”

In addition to shining a spotlight on the inspirations and impacts of each chef, Behind the Dish also offers an unprecedented look at various cuisines filmed in 8K 3D 360° video using a custom 3D macro camera system. VR brings each dish to life in stunning detail, from Chef Deborah VanTrece’s delicious-looking mac-n-cheese to Sushi Master Yumi Chiba’s Edomae sushi.

Watching the series on Meta Quest Pro I was absolutely blown away by the incredible use of macro 3D video. Close-up shots look nothing short of stunning when viewed on a VR headset in immersive stereoscopic 3D. Watching Sushi Master Yumi Chiba expertly slice through fish in slow motion was an incredibly satisfying experience.

All three episodes of Behind the Dish are available now on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro VR headsets. Simply visit the Meta Quest TV app and look for the Behind the Dish playlist.

For more information on this VR gastronomy series visit here.

Image Credit: TARGO

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