Ultimate Swing Golf Channels Everybody's Golf On Quest Next Month

Ultimate Swing Golf, a new VR game from the Everybody’s Golf studio, reaches Quest next month.

Developed by Clap Hanz, Ultimate Swing Golf promises “realistic shot mechanics” as you swing the Touch Controllers like a club. This features a ‘Challenge Mode,’ which offers various missions with a gradual difficulty curve. Completing them unlocks new characters, costumes and golf clubs with improved stats. ‘Free Play’ and ‘Training’ modes are also available, alongside an ‘Online Competition’ multiplayer mode for up to four players.

Ultimate Swing Golf uses a traditional EXP system that rewards you for good shots by unlocking better skills, which includes ‘Increased Drive Distance’ or ‘Higher Chance for a Close Putt to Drop.” Male and female caddies can also be selected with customizable cosmetics.

In a press release, Clap Hanz also confirmed Ultimate Swing Golf supports mixed reality with an ‘MR Play’ mode. While the announcement trailer doesn’t include mixed reality gameplay, the studio released the following screenshot.

Ultimate Swing Golf mixed reality screenshot

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Clap Hanz working on a VR game. Back in 2019, the studio also developed PSVR exclusive Everybody’s Golf VR, which we considered to be a “solid adaptation” of the franchise with some drawbacks.

Everybody’s Golf VR is a solid adaptation of the franchise for the PSVR. The gameplay is extremely fun and engaging, even if it’s lacking in terms of accuracy due to the limitations of the PSVR as a platform. I was left wanting multiplayer support and more courses to pick from, but the variety offered within each course and amount of unlockables available provides plenty of goodies for fans to dig into.

Ultimate Swing Golf reaches the Meta Quest platform on May 16.