Twistex Introduces Fully Immersive Environments On Quest

Cylindrical VR puzzler Twistex adds fully immersive environments on Quest App Lab.

Launched last year, Twistex is a rotating falling block puzzler reminiscent of Tetris. Titled the ‘Huge Update‘, solo developer Middle Man Games says could be “the final version of the game” before moving on to its next project. Initially launched with mixed reality passthrough on App Lab, this latest patch adds the SteamVR port’s non-passthrough environments to the Quest edition.

Detailed in a press release, Middle Man Games states that Twistex’s Huge Update also introduces a shape guide highlighting where shapes will land. It’s also received a new practice mode, the easy difficulty has become easier with starting speeds for each level being decreased, and the game’s instructions have been edited for greater clarity.

Twistex is available on Quest App Lab and SteamVR for $9.99.