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AI Empowerment

At MKAI, we are committed to fostering a world where AI is navigated with skill, understanding, and a deep sense of responsibility. We envision a future where AI is not just a tool for innovation but a means to enhance human capability, drive ethical progress, and mitigate risks effectively. Recognising the distinct landscape each organisation navigates, we craft bespoke learning journeys that delve into the multifaceted nature of AI. Our programs are designed to not only illuminate the myriad opportunities AI presents but also to instil a profound comprehension of the ethical considerations and potential risks involved. Our goal is to equip leaders and teams with the insight and acumen needed to steer their AI initiatives towards positive outcomes, ensuring they are prepared, proficient, and principled in their approach.

MKAI Offerings

MKAI offers a range of AI Educational and Upskilling Pathways tailored to your organisation’s needs:

  • Customised Generative AI Integration Workshops: Discover how to integrate generative AI like ChatGPT into your operations, enhancing communication and decision-making while navigating ethical considerations.

  • Hands-On Ethics & Safety Labs for Generative AI: Engage in practical scenarios to apply ethical and safety principles to real-world generative AI applications, ensuring responsible use.

  • Generative AI Insight Series: Gain a comprehensive understanding of generative AI technologies, exploring their capabilities, ethical implications, and potential impacts on your organisation.

  • Strategic Discovery Workshops for AI Application: Explore the transformative potential of AI in your operations, identifying strategic opportunities for innovation and efficiency in a guided, collaborative setting.

Words from our Founder

"MKAI is dedicated to fostering transformational educational journeys with a spirit of open inquiry and genuine care. We understand that AI is a powerful but complex tool, and we approach each project with the humility and responsibility this demands. Our goal is to empower and enlighten, ensuring that every journey is as unique as the learners and institutions we serve."
Richard Foster-Fletcher
Executive Chair,
Collaborative Exploration

Embark on a journey of discovery with MKAI. Our collaborative approach ensures your team is equipped and ready to navigate the evolving landscape of AI. Together, we'll uncover the opportunities AI presents, tailored specifically to your objectives.

Ethical Commitment

Ethics at the core. With MKAI, delve into the ethical dimensions of AI, ensuring transparency, inclusion, and responsible governance. Our commitment to ethics is unwavering, guiding you towards a future where AI is used responsibly and beneficially.

The Unique MKAI Approach

MKAI is distinguished for its innovative approach to delivering tailored AI learning experiences, focusing on the critical areas of ethics, safety, and innovation. Our offerings are specifically designed to meet the varied needs of organizations across sectors, with an emphasis on practical application and strategic thinking.

Our methodology is interactive and engaging, ensuring that participants not only learn about AI but understand how to apply it responsibly and effectively in their unique contexts. We prioritize creating a collaborative learning environment where participants can openly share ideas, address potential risks, and align on crucial ethical principles and strategies.

Through our workshops and courses, we strive to deepen understanding and foster inclusivity, guiding each organization through the complexities of AI with a focus on the holistic impacts. Our commitment is to empower organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to implement AI thoughtfully, ethically, and innovatively, ensuring they are well-prepared to lead in an AI-driven future.

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What People Say About MKAI

“We are hugely grateful to MKAI for running their ‘AI Readiness for Businesses in Bermuda' workshop.’ It was highly relevant and we received excellent feedback. The engaging and interactive format gave rise to meaningful and crucial dialogue which will enhance business performance and ensure AI is leveraged and implemented in a responsible and ethical manner. Our collaborative partnership with MKAI is exceptional.”
CJ Clarke-Joell
Assistant Commissioner for Policy & Engagement Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda
This course has been an event that has changed my life. The information that I have gained is priceless and unbelievable. Every participation, link given, video uploaded, and even inside WhatsApp communication,. I am left with the contact information of outstanding colleagues who dedicate themselves to exploring and immersing themselves in the field, and I am retaining all of the knowledge that the collaborators kindly shared. To be honest, I don't want it to stop; I learn something new and get to hear the amazing voices of people who are passionate about what they do.
Baumary Figuera
MKAI Course Participant
It has been an absolutely incredible journey that has allowed me to expand my perspective on the remarkable AI. Through this experience, I have gained valuable insight into the core principles, morals, and ethics that underpin AI. I am continuously immersing myself in the subject, observing and learning as much as I can. I am truly grateful to MKAI for making this course possible and providing all the guidance, friendly environment, and lessons I have received. I am overjoyed to collaborate with everyone involved in this program.
Hande Donmez
MKAI Course Participant