Toy Monsters Brings MR Tower Defence To Quest Next Month

Toy Monsters is a mixed reality tower defense game coming to the main Quest store next month.

Developed by Habaduda Games and published by Beyond Frames Entertainment, Toy Monsters previously appeared on Quest App Lab and it’s now moving onto the main store. Inspired by Plants vs Zombies, it promises “classic lane-style” tower defense in your own home through mixed reality passthrough with both hand tracking and controller support. Here’s the new gameplay trailer:

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Tasked with fending off a horde of cutesy invaders with individual abilities and weaknesses, Toy Monsters features 33 main levels across three worlds, additional bonus levels, boss fights and an endless survival mode. You gradually unlock different toys with special powers such as bombs or turning your fingers into flamethrowers.

“Games that you can comfortabkly play on your floor or a table – just like you did when you were a kid – are such a perfect fit for mixed reality,” says Maeve Sponsberg, head of publishing at Beyond Frames in a prepared statement. “Your interactions in MR should be exactly the same as if you were interacting with physical objects.”

Toy Monsters reaches the Meta Quest platform on April 11 for $14.99