Top 5 VR Worlds To Visit In Horizon Worlds – August 2022

Another month, another handful of incredible virtual worlds to explore.

Since its launch last year on Meta Quest 2 headsets, Meta’s social VR metaverse Horizon Worlds, has grown exponentially with new games and worlds built by the community for the community. So far we’ve seen everything from VR dance clubs and restaurants to multiplayer shooter games and everything in between.

This month we had the opportunity to explore a handful of truly impressive worlds scattered throughout the Horizon Worlds metaverse. The following are just a few of our favorites thus far:


Ahead of the release of his feature film, NOPE, director Jordan Peele and his film studio Monkeypaw Productions partnered with Meta to launch two unique Horizon Worlds locations inspired directly by his unique lineup of comedy-horror films.

Developed by a handful of experienced Horizon Worlds creators, NOPE World brings the otherworldly film to life in VR with a variety of unique minigames and hidden surprises. You can compete against other users in an interactive hay bale-tossing experience, go for a ride on a virtual dirtbike, or search for secret easter eggs scattered throughout.

There’s also Monkeypaw Productions: All Aboard, another interesting world inspired by Jordan Peele films such as Get Out and Us.


Last month we covered Meta Golf, a new location in Horizon Worlds that recreates the Topgolf driving range experience in VR. Just like the in-person experience, Meta Golf has you hitting virtual golf balls at various targets scattered throughout the range.

This carefully-crafted recreation features multiple pods complete with interactive golf balls and drivers. You can compete against other players for a high score on the global leaderboard or sit back and enjoy some tunes on the jukebox while munching on virtual hot wings.

There’s even an exclusive VIP section you can access for $19.99.


If you’re looking for some “quality” entertainment on a slow Friday night, you’ll definitely want to check out Black Magic, a VR comedy club/karaoke bar where up-and-coming performers can work on their acts in front of a live audience.

The two-story venue features a stage, audience seating, a cocktail bar, and various other elements designed to immerse you in the experience. On a busy night, you’ll find this world packed with users looking to practice their material in a safe and welcoming environment.

Whether you’re a performer looking to showcase your talent or simply a fan of live entertainment, Black Magic is a must-visit.


Power City is a high-quality PvP shooter with an interesting twist. In this fast-paced competitive game, two teams go head-to-head across a futuristic battlefield using powerful laser pistols.

The goal is to take control of three power stations by inserting various batteries located throughout the map. Once a tower has been claimed, you must then defend it from the opposing team. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins.

The gunplay is tight and the introduction of key objectives offers a refreshing change of pace from the mountain of team deathmatch games currently in circulation.

Credit: Petricore Games


Mob Quiz takes trivia night to the next level. In this gameshow-like experience, users answer a series of questions broken up into multiple themed categories. The game currently features over 200 family-friendly questions in which to solve.

This includes traditional trivia questions as well as “dynamic” questions whose answers may change depending on those playing. One question, for example, may ask: “How many r’s are in everyone’s names?” The result is an ever-changing catalog of inquiries designed to keep you guessing.

If you’re looking for a unique way to challenge your mind while establishing your mental dominance over friends and family, Mob Quiz is the game for you.

Image Credit: VRScout

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