Tiny Archers Takes Aim Next Month On Quest, Pico & PC VR, With Hardware Smart Bow Support

Tiny Archers, an early access VR fantasy tower defense game, received a major update before its full release next month.

Available on Quest App Lab, Tiny Archers from 1DER Entertainment pits you against various goblins and orcs as you defend the Northern Kingdom across a 24-day onslaught. With the new ‘Quests and Lore’ update, it’s expanding the campaign mode by introducing side missions and “over 150 dialogues”. You can watch the previous trailer below:

“Players can embark on adventures that test their skill and intellect, face riddles and puzzles, and complete missions to earn rewards that may influence gameplay,” states 1DER Entertainment in a press release.

As seen in the UploadVR Winter 2023 Showcase, Tiny Archers also supports the 52-inch Wonder Fitter Artemis smart bow peripheral. The official website states Artemis connects to Quest using a mobile companion app.

Artemis Smart Bow

Tiny Archers enters full release on April 18 for Quest, Pico 4 and PC VR. 1DER Entertainment confirms an Apple Vision Pro port will follow “slightly later” with support for Artemis.