Time Crisis-Inspired FPS Dead Second Hits The Main Quest Store Soon

Dead Second, Spunge Games’ action cover shooter, is coming to the official Meta Quest store just days from now.

Previously launched on App Lab in late 2021, Dead Second is a high-action arcade shooter inspired by the arcade classics of the 1990s, most notably Namco’s Time Crisis. In Dead Second, players assume the role of a gun-for-hire tasked with the elimination of corruption throughout a dystopian city. Launching on June 27, 2024, here’s the new trailer.


Dead Second uses a node-based teleport cover system, simplified controls, bullet-time slow-motion, and physics-based shooting mechanics. Coinciding with the main store release, a new update will introduce new levels, new enemy attack drones, more abilities, and a new soundtrack. Quest 3 enhancements include real-time shadows and specifically optimized bloom post-effects.

Spunge Games also published a new Dead Second roadmap. The studio promises to add two-handed weapons, fire mode selection, improved NPC AI, and two new levels in future updates. Further patches will feature new locations with four to six new levels, new enemy types and behaviors, enhanced environment interaction, and basic hand-to-hand combat.

Dead Second will launch on June 27 on the Meta Quest Store for $14.99.