Timberman VR Hacks Its Way Onto Quest, New Halloween Map

Timberman VR brings Digital Melody’s retro-style arcade game into 3D, and it’s available now on Meta Quest headsets via Apple Lab.

GameFormatic’s Timberman VR follows a previous Steam release last August. Offering three seasonal maps, this 15-level campaign sees you chopping down trees while avoiding branches, unlocking new axes, machetes, and hammers as you progress. You’ll compete for the highest score on a global leaderboard, and you can read the outline below:

TimberMan VR is a simple game whose charm lies in its lack of storyline, while the advantage – is in your skill set. Keep a cool head and your best judgment. Use your axe and chop down some trees while avoiding branches. It sounds simple enough, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. Set records and unlock new tools – axes, machetes, and hammers, which are not only stylish but also give you some special bonus.

GameFormatic is also planning a Halloween map to mark Timberman VR’s Quest release. It’s arriving “soon” through a post-launch update, according to the developer, and GameFormatic is promising it’ll contain “spooky elements” like a ghost clock, witch squirrel, and bat axe, alongside a separate leaderboard and new music.

Timberman VR is available now on SteamVR and the Meta Quest platform via App Lab for $9.99.