Thrasher Brings An Arcade Odyssey To Quest & Apple Vision Pro This July

Thrasher, the new VR arcade game from a Thumper developer, reaches Quest and Apple Vision Pro next month.

Developed by Puddle and published by Creature, Thrasher is described as an “arcade action odyssey and visceral audiovisual experience.” Using your hand to guide a space eel across unusual landscapes, you fight bosses in a race for survival as you “swoop, dash and thrash” to defeat them. Following last year’s reveal at The Game Awards, a new trailer confirmed it’s now arriving on July 25.

Detailed on the Steam page, Thrasher’s gameplay involves breaking through obstacles and stacking up combos as you face nine mysterious leviathans. Power-ups are available that can “supercharge” the space eel and maximize combos, letting you bulldoze everything, deploy a spray of bullets, or slow down time to create a path through.

Thrasher arrives on the Meta Quest platform and Apple Vision Pro on July 25, while the PC VR and flatscreen versions will follow “sometime after.”