This VR App Lets You “Step Inside” Your Memories

Those interested can join the waitlist now.

Imagine being able to physically step inside your favorite memories at the exact locations in which they occurred. That’s the idea behind Wist, an upcoming mobile app from the California-based VR startup Wist Labs that turns 2D video into 3D scenes you can watch in augmented reality (AR) or VR.

According to the official website, Wist utilizes sensors available on the latest mobile devices to capture 3D data, allowing you to move around and inspect the virtual scene from different angles. You’ll have the ability to “replay” these memories in AR using a compatible iOS device or in VR using a Quest headset.

Your memories — how you remember them

— Wist: Immersive Memories (@WistLabs) February 21, 2023

Wist Labs is conducting a closed beta for a select group of users at the moment. Those interested can join the waitlist here. No word yet on an official release date for either the VR or mobile app.

Moving forward, the company plans on introducing additional features such as real-time multiplayer and various other processing and artificial intelligence (AI) improvements. The latest update, v0.4.2, introduced experimental support for Quest Pro with passthrough.

Credit: Wist Labs

Needless to say, this sort of technology could prove useful in a number of different scenarios. Wist Labs provides a small collection of examples on its official website. This includes everything from an intimate birthday celebration with friends to an adorable capture of a sleeping pup. There’s even a 3D scene depicting a real-life sonogram session.

For more information visit the company’s official website or Twitter.

Feature Image Credit: Wist Labs

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