This Upcoming VR Game Lets You Control Shadows

Silhouette arrives on Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets later this month.

Silhouette is a VR adventure puzzler for Meta Quest headsets that allows you to manipulate shadows with your bare hands. Developed by Team Panoptes, the same company behind Panoptic, this single-player experience tasks you with guiding tiny shadow creatures, referred to as “Shadowies,” through a series of environmental puzzles.

According to its Quest Store listing, Silhouette features 28 different puzzles to complete. The game includes support for hand-tracking, allowing you to manipulate shadows, light, and walls without the need for your Touch motion controllers.

Based on the video provided above, you’ll have the ability to interact with your tiny companions as well as the environment in a variety of unique ways. At one point in the video we the player destroy several pillars by making a finger gun gesture. You can also physically guide Shadowies by using your hand as an elevator of sorts, as portrayed in the trailer.

Silhouette launches on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets on January 26th, 2023 for $9.99. The game was developed by Team Panoptes and published by Beyond Frames Entertainment. For more information visit

Image Credit: Team Panoptes, Beyond Frames Entertainment

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