This PS VR2 Horror Game Punishes You For Blinking

Don’t close your eyes…

Reviews for the PlayStation VR2 are beginning to surface and so far Sony’s next-gen VR headset for the PlayStation 5 is proving to be a winner. In terms of software, we’ve learned of a number of exciting experiences coming to the device, including Switchback VR, a unique-looking VR rail shooter that takes players on a roller coaster ride through a series of horrifying nightmares.

Switchback VR makes interesting use of the PS VR’s eye-tracking technology to immerse you in a horrifying VR experience where every blink matters. In an official gameplay video provided by developer Supermassive Games, we catch a glimpse of the game in action. During a certain portion of the experience, we see the player navigating a room filled with creepy mannequins. Anytime the player breaks eye contact or blinks, the sculptures move closer until they eventually surround the player,

According to Alejandro Gallardo, game director of Switchback VR, eye-tracking technology is used in numerous ways throughout the game. “This is not the only time you’ll see these mannequins. You’ll see another version of that mannequin that won’t work with blink,” he said. “It will work with eye-tracking (in a) completely different way as well.”

Credit: Supermassive Games

Switchback VR will take you through a variety of unsettling locations each filled with its own unique horrors. You’ll fight vampires in the desert, evade a sadistic serial killer in the World’s Fair Hotel, and battle demonic incarnations of persecuted witches from 17th-century New England.

In addition to eye-tracking, the game makes use of the PlayStation VR2’s various other technologies, including its advanced haptics, adaptive triggers, headset rumble, and more. For more information on the PS VR2 check out the official unboxing video from Sony here.

Feature Image Credit: Supermassive Games

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