Thief Simulator VR Gets Free Introductory Chapter On Quest

Thief Simulator VR received a free prologue chapter on Quest.

Released via App Lab, developer 3R Games describes the free Thief Simulator VR: Prologue release as “a gift” for its existing community and “an incentive” for new players. Offering an “escape from prison” story for the main protagonist, this chapter occurs before he begins thieving across the Greenview Street neighborhood, working for the Lombardi family on the outside.

Launched in 2019, Thief Simulator VR is a sandbox burglary game focused on non-violent stealth, offering multiple paths for breaking into buildings. Using skills like lockpicking or smashing doors and windows through various mini-games, your goal involves stealing items and making your escape, though it’s game over if the police spot you. As you progress, new abilities and equipment gradually unlock via a skill tree.

Thief Simulator VR: Prologue is out now on Quest App Lab, while the main game is available on Quest and Steam.