THE TRUTH IN THE TALE: How AI Shapes Our Understanding Of Bias

A Conversation Exploring Alex Edmans’ New Book and how AI and misinformation intersect to identify and counteract biases in data and decision-making

An enlightening conversation with Professor Alex Edmans, author of the new book, “May Contain Lies: How Stories, Statistics, and Studies Exploit Our Biases – And What We Can Do About It.”

Hosted by Richard Foster-Fletcher of, this discussion delves into the complexities of misinformation in our increasingly digital world, particularly within the realm of artificial intelligence. Alex Edmans discusses his latest work, which challenges us to reconsider how biases influence the absorption and dissemination of information. His book provides a structured approach to understanding misinformation through the “Ladder of Misinference” and offers practical steps for more critical and independent thinking. 

Speaker Bios

Richard Foster-Fletcher

As the Executive Chair of, Richard leads initiatives to equip leaders with the knowledge to ethically harness AI. His work addresses the mitigation of risks like bias and privacy infringements in AI applications. Richard is a renowned speaker and advisor, who engages with governments, businesses, and educational institutions to promote ethical technology use. His contributions to data science ethics and the impacts of AI are widely recognized in academic and professional circles.

Alex Edmans

Professor Alex Edmans is a prominent figure in finance and misinformation studies, based at London Business School. His influential TED talk “What to Trust in a Post-Truth World” has reached over two million viewers, and he has presented at prestigious forums such as Davos and Google. A former tenured professor at The Wharton School and named MBA Professor of the Year by Poets and Quants in 2021, Alex writes extensively for major publications and is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Grow the Pie.” His latest book addresses the pervasive issue of misinformation across various sectors, from politics to personal health.

This video presents a compelling exploration of misinformation and intelligence, providing valuable insights into how we can all become more discerning consumers and creators of information in the age of AI.