The Secret Of Retropolis Plans For Apple Vision Pro Following Quest Launch This Month

Work has begun to port the made-in-VR point-and-click adventure ‘The Secret Of Retropolis’ to Apple Vision Pro.

There aren’t many VR games on Apple Vision Pro yet, with early head-tracked title Proton Pulse among some of the few fully immersive titles available during the launch window. Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator, Demeo and Rec Room have been confirmed, with the latter running today via gamepad as an iPad app. However, developers of fully immersive VR games have been quiet about progress ahead of Apple’s upcoming summer WWDC event.


Retropolis in development

With Retropolis, Apple Vision Pro could offer a new surface for development studio Peanut Button to realize the first chapters of a world that started its journey as hand-made brush strokes in VR. The studio told UploadVR this week the team has grown between making the first two chapters of the game, and the plot has already been worked out for a third one. The first two chapters are already out on Steam and coming to PSVR 2 this month, and Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye will move from App Lab onto the main Quest Store on May 16th.

Apple’s storefront could offer Peanut Button a chance to redeploy the first chapters of its atmospheric Quill-based game for an eye-tracked interface that seems ideally suited for its seated point-and-grab design. We’ll have to see how it ports, of course, but Vision Pro’s visuals seem to favor slower head movements while its eye-tracked interaction design can feel like telepathy, suggesting an ideal match-up for the stated design intent of Retropolis on Steam being that “first time VR users will find this game engaging and easy to play. Experienced VR users will find this game casual and relaxing.”

We’re planning to take a deeper look at Retropolis 2 soon. We’ll have that article soon on UploadVR, but check out our YouTube channel for Peanut Button coverage and more in the days and weeks ahead.