The Oniri Forest VR Showcases "Hyper-Realistic" Graphics Standalone On Quest

The Oniri Forest aims to deliver a “hyper-realistic” VR environment that runs standalone on Quest.

Developed by Oneiros, Forest is a free tech demo designed to showcase Oniri, a platform that can convert a highly detailed 3D environment into a Unity scene that can run in real time on standalone VR, with “no limits of poly-count, materials and lights”. The Forest Quest demo features an outdoor environment infused with cyberpunk elements.

Using a Quest 3, we went hands-on with Forest but there’s not much you can really do. Exploration is limited to teleporting between a few pre-set positions indicated by markers. We were impressed by the environmental graphics quality as we moved past these trees and bushes, but distortions became apparent after moving from the designated areas, and the render resolution is relatively low which results in visible aliasing.

For such a short tech demo, it’s worth noting that Forest requires 1.56GB of storage, so this 3D conversion method evidently requires considerable storage space.

You can download the Forest tech demo now on Quest App Lab for free. We’ll be interested to see if this technology gets used in future VR projects and whether it can support interactive elements.