The NVIDIA GTC Spring 2023 Keynote Live Blog (8:00am PT/15:00 UTC)

Please join us at 8:00am PT (15:00 UTC) for our live blog coverage of NVIDIA’s Spring GTC keynote address. The traditional kick-off to the show – be it physical or virtual – NVIDIA’s annual spring keynote is showcase for NVIDIA’s vision for the next 12 to 24 months across all of their segments, from graphics to AI to automotive. Along with a slew of product announcements, the presentation, delivered by CEO Jensen Huang always contains a few surprises.

Looking at NVIDIA’s sizable product stack, NVIDIA is coming off of the launch of their new Hopper and Ada Lovelace GPU architectures for servers and clients respectively. But there are plenty of spots for individual products that remain to be filled. Meanwhile, NVIDIA expects to release their long-awaited Grace CPU this year, and while many of the technical details of that Armv9-based core have since been released, we should hopefully get some launch details for that. As well as its combined CPU+GPU counterpart, Grace Hopper, which places the Grace CPU and Hopper GPU on the same package.

Meanwhile, we’re expecting NVIDIA to take a small victory lap at this year’s GTC for having the uncanny timing in launching Hopper and its large language model-friendly Transformer Engines right as the market for GPT and other LLMs has exploded. Now it will be interesting to see how NVIDIA intends to further grow (and profit from) those businesses. The company has all but promissed investors that a cloud service play of some kind will be announced at this GTC.