The NVIDIA GTC 2024 Keynote Live Blog (Starts at 1:00pm PT/20:00 UTC)

We’re here in sunny San Jose California for the return of an event that’s been a long-time coming: NVIDIA’s in-person GTC. The Spring 2024 event, NVIDIA’s marquee event for the year, promises to be a big one for NVIDIA, as the company is due to deliver updates on its all-important datacenter accelerator products – the successor to the GH100 GPU and its Hopper architecture – along with NVIDIA’s other professional/enterprise hardware, networking gear, and, of course, a slew of software stack updates.

In the 5 years since NVIDIA was last able to hold a Spring GTC in person, a great deal has changed for the company. They’re now the third biggest company in the world, thanks to explosive sales growth (and even further growth expectations) due in large part to the combination of GPT-3/4 and other transformer models, and NVIDIA’s transformer-optimized H100 accelerator. As a result, NVIDIA is riding high in Silicon Valley, but to keep doing so they also will need to deliver the next big thing to push the envelope on performance, and keep a number of hungry competitors off their turf.

Headlining today’s keynote is, of course, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, whose kick-off address has finally outgrown the San Jose Convention Center. As a result, Huang is filling up the local SAP Center arena instead. Suffice it to say, it’s a bigger venue for a bigger audience for a [i]much[/i] bigger company.

So come join the AnandTech crew for our live blog coverage of NVIDIA’s biggest enterprise keynote in years. The presentation kicks off at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, 20:00 UTC.