The Light Brigade 'Shadow Hunter' Update Adds New Playable Class & World

Roguelike shooter The Light Brigade introduces the Hunter class, a new world and more in today’s free update.

Available on all platforms, The Light Brigade’s ‘Shadow Hunter’ update introduces the new archery-focused ‘Hunter’ class. Developer Funktronic Labs describes them as “a master of stealth” who wields a recurve bow and throwing knives. Unlocking them requires a level 5 rifleman or any other class to have reached level 20. Here’s the new trailer.

Elsewhere, Shadow Hunter also introduces a new procedurally generated world, Sunless Keep. New tarot cards are also available that provide “significant boosts” to your character’s abilities during runs. Finally, Funktronic Labs states that this update also includes “tons of new game balances and fixes.”

Shadow Hunter marks the latest major post-launch update since last February’s launch. Following a patch that implemented native 90Hz support on PSVR 2, August’s ‘Memories of War‘ update added two playable classes – The Engineer and The Breacher, alongside new hand-crafted levels and a shooting range mini-game.

The Light Brigade – Shadow Hunter update is available now on the Meta Quest platform, PSVR 2 and PC VR.