The Iceberg Thermal IceFLOE Oasis 360mm AIO Cooler Review: Affordable & Effective Cooling

Iceberg Thermal Inc. is one of the newer players in the PC cooling market. The company was founded in 2019 by an experienced team of designers and engineers setting off on their own, aiming to deliver a wide range of PC cooling products to industrial and commercial users alike. They only have a handful of retails products currently available, with the vast majority of them being CPU air coolers, but they have just launched their first liquid cooler products, the IceFLOE Oasis series.

In today’s review, we are having a look at the IceFLOE Oasis 360mm AIO (All-In-One) CPU cooler, the larger of the company’s two recently-released liquid coolers. The IceFLOE Oasis CPU cooler targets the high-performance PC cooling market with a sub-$100 price point, aiming to deliver the performance needed to effectively cool a power-hungry processor without being a drain on the wallet in the process. This cooler features a 360mm radiator for an ample heat dissipation area, as well as housing for three high-airflow 120 mm fans. The IceFLOE Oasis supports a wide range of Intel and AMD socket types, making it compatible with a broad spectrum of CPUs. Additionally, it offers advanced RGB lighting, allowing users to customize the aesthetic of their cooling system.