The House Of Da Vinci VR Adapts The Puzzle Adventure This Year On Quest & Steam

The House of Da Vinci, a puzzle adventure set in Renaissance Italy, will receive a VR adaptation on Quest & Steam.

Developed by Blue Brain Games, The House of Da Vinci first appeared on flatscreen platforms in 2017. Playing as Leonardo da Vinci’s apprentice, you’re tasked with finding your missing master by solving puzzles, uncovering hidden items, and escaping rooms to find clues to his whereabouts. While we missed the initial reveal last month, here’s the announcement trailer.

Promising the “full immersion of virtual reality” by letting you touch these puzzles with your hands, The House of Da Vinci VR offers “brain twisters and baffling riddles” directly based on da Vinci’s inventions. “War machines, complex lockboxes, mechanical puzzles, and room escapes will all test your skills,” states the studio.

However, if you already own The House of Da Vinci on Steam, don’t expect this to be a free update to the existing game like we recently saw with Escape Simulator VR. A new store listing for the PC VR edition suggests this be a separate purchase, and pricing currently remains unconfirmed.

The House of Da Vinci arrives in 2024 on the Meta Quest platform and Steam.