The Future of Artificial Intelligence – The Three World Split

The Three World Split series is a collaboration between Matthew James Bailey and MKAI – an international community of leaders in Artificial Intelligence.

Welcome to the first article discussing the Three World Split between the EU, USA and China. 

This series will explain world-leading strategies and blueprints from Inventing World 3.0 for nations and organizations to create a winning and flourishing partnership with Artificial Intelligence. We will also discuss guidelines on how the three world split can successfully exist with a game plan for re-unification in the future.

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The Three World Split


Our world is about to become very different to what our ancestors experienced. Humankind is about to go where no person has gone before as it enters into a new reality with Artificial Intelligence. 

As most readers will appreciate, humanity’s partnership with Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change every aspect of society, every market and economy. AI is already present in the devices and services that we use, or are subject to, within our digitised daily lives. AI is being boldly termed  by some as The New Electricity

Human living currently generates roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. This is set to exponentially grow as the digital world and its intelligences become increasingly integrated within the human experience.

The latest predictions by market analysts estimate that AI could contribute more than $15 Trillion USD to the global GDP by 2030. This herculean addition is about 75% of the US economy, 100% of the European economy, 750% of the UK economy and 125% of the Chinese economy (2019 figures). 

As you can imagine, the battle is on to capture the AI Global GDP Pot of GoldCompetition is fierce as regions and nations position themselves to dominate the future of Artificial Intelligence. In doing so, the policy and regulation of AI, or lack of, by any nation becomes crystal clear regarding the values to which they are beholden. In essence, the future of Artificial Intelligence acts as a mirror to the rest of the world,  reflecting the agenda, or lack of, how closely nations wish this intelligence to honour the democratic values, the cultures, diversity and sovereignty of their citizens. No nation or region is free from this world reflection or its accountability. 

A common world view on Artificial Intelligence regulation and policy would show a maturity by governments of the seriousness to get AI right. Nearly every society has come together to tackle the threat of climate change.  Mindfully guiding the future of AI is just as important. It has a huge potential to assist us leap beyond numerous global challenges regarding our environment, the 17 UN SDGs, enable Green Nations and even provision Pandemic Resilient Societies (see part four – Inventing World 3.0). A flourishing future is the prize with a bedrock that liberates future generations to build the next stage for Humankind. To be successful, we must chose wisely.

Furthermore, one world view would also create a common global approach to standardising on digital intelligences of today and those of tomorrow. This common foundation would stimulate an integrated wave of global collaboration and innovation. A global phenomena that would unite our world in a common set of values and enter into a wholesome New Tomorrow. Sadly, this is not how our world works today. We live in an inherited reality, where short term thinking and dominance over collaboration seems to dictate the order of the day.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our world is split when it comes to guiding the future of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to a courageous proposal by the European Union in late April,  we have entered into new era of global leadership. This western civilization is the the first democratic region to propose regulation for all Artificial Intelligences deployed within its borders, serving 27 member states, to ensure alignment with the values of its 445 million citizens. 

The outcome of the EU proposal to guide the future of Artificial Intelligence means we have entered into a Three World Split. The major global powers, EU, USA and China, have three different world views regarding the future of Artificial Intelligence. Choices made determine the degree of its ethical participation and purpose to enhance the well being of their societies and progress their economies. Due to different choices made we can expect three different world realities for each civilisation (EU, USA, China). Each territory’s experience and partnership with Artificial Intelligence will be different. In essence, these global players have rolled the dice regarding their future. Their world view will determine the relevance and longevity of their cultures, ideologies and empires.

In the next article we will examine how wisely these three empires have chosen regarding their future with Artificial Intelligence.

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