The Flip Is A Left 4 Dead-Inspired VR Co-Op Shooter Reaching Quest Soon

The Flip is a new Left 4 Dead-inspired VR zombie multiplayer shooter coming to Quest soon.

Developed by Future Tech Labs, The Flip is “an arcade take on the traditional Left 4 Dead” for Quest that’s playable solo or with up to three other players in co-op. You’ll fight through Flip City as you battle for survival against zombie hordes led by Kreep to reach the extraction point, and you can dual-wield weapons that range between shotguns, grenade launchers and more.

Detailed in a press release, Future Tech Labs confirms that The Flip includes numerous gameplay options for adjusting the difficulty, letting you play at night or in fog. A social lobby is available between matches where you can meet friends, customize your avatar and join DJ parties. Daily and weekly events are promised, and the studio states it will “add new gameplay modes based on fan feedback.”

The Flip arrives on the Meta Quest platform on April 18 with a 20% pre-order discount. It’s also coming to “consoles and connected VR headsets towards the end of the year.”