The Exorcist: Legion VR Turns Up The Fear With Free Quest 3 Upgrade

Survival horror adventure game The Exorcist: Legion VR received a free major update for Quest 3.

It’s been six years since Fun Train’s The Exorcist: Legion VR launched, harnessing the iconic movie franchise as a backbone for its spooky story. Following 2022’s separate visual overhaul on Quest, Fun Train has released a free major update in collaboration with Venturion, designed to capitalize on the enhanced performance provided by Quest 3.


This new patch introduces over sixty updates to The Exorcist: Legion VR, including improvements to framerate, dynamic shadows, and updated character models to help ground you in its sinister world. Fun Train noted that loading times have been removed between rooms, promising a seamless gameplay experience. The team has also improved the game’s soundscape and added new death effects, alongside extra gameplay features like new uses for the Salt Spray in exorcisms and exorcist tool kit quick actions.

In The Exorcist: Legion VR, players step into the god-fearing boots of a Boston PD Detective as he investigates a series of eerie murders with holy water in one hand and a trusty crucifix in the other. This takes place over five interconnected chapters, which initially launched as an episodic experience. 

The update is free for players who own The Exorcist: Legion VR on the Quest platform and is available now. It’s also available on QuestPC VRPicoPSVR, and more recently, PSVR 2 with a new Deluxe Edition.

The Exorcist: Legion VR – Deluxe Edition Reaches PSVR 2 Soon
The Exorcist: Legion VR brings the survival horror adventure to PSVR 2 later this month.