The Exit 8 VR Adapts The Horror Walking Sim Next Month On Quest

The Exit 8 VR brings the walking horror sim to Quest next month.

Initially released on flatscreen platforms last year, The Exit 8 by KOTAKE CREATE takes inspiration from Japanese underground passages, liminal spaces, and the backrooms. Published by MyDearest (Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate), this short walking sim is now receiving a VR adaptation this July. Here’s the teaser trailer.


Trapped inside an endless underground passageway, you’re tasked with finding the way out by reaching “The Exit 8,” which requires careful observation of your surroundings. “Make sure not to overlook any anomalies. If you find any anomalies, turn back immediately. If you don’t find any anomalies, keep going. Kindly exit through Exit 8,” states the developer.

For more details, MyDearest provided several screenshots from the Quest version.

The Exit 8 VR arrives on July 11 on the Meta Quest platform for $7, with a 14% pre-order discount currently available.