Our diversity is our strength

What people are saying about MKAI

MKAI is a great inclusive community. It has been a great pleasure to interact with the community on AI ethics & policy on many occasions and I am always happy to be involved. I really like the fact that the community is open to all perspectives and not afraid to ask the hard questions on AI.
Merve Hickok
Founder @AIethicist.org
I rely on MKAI to help me stay informed on the latest thinking and intelligent discussions in the data science, machine learning, and AI realms. We consider them to be partners in learning and growth at Integrated MLAI.
Thom Ives, Ph.D.
Founder, Integrated Machine Learning & AI
MKAI is one of the best AI knowledge sharing platforms I've had the pleasure to be part of.
Dr. Daniel Hulme
CEO @ Satalia & Chief AI Officer @ WPP
MKAI is a fantastic organization which continually succeeds in bringing together some of the most striking talent in the, privacy and AI space. This is a unique organization that brings together multidisciplinary thinkers from all over the globe to collaborate and learn from one another. I am always thrilled to work with MKAI and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to dig deep into AI.
Debbie Reynolds
The Data Diva
MKAI is the fantastic community that asks the most important questions about data science and AI. Ethical and governance considerations that go side by side with learning and education, these are reflected in all MKAI forums. Simply it is one of my favourite communities and it was always helpful and enlightening to be part of MKAI events and activities.
Ghaith Sankari
Digital Health Platform Advisor
Brainstorming ideas with AI while considering the complexity behind ethics, privacy and inclusion, is an exercise made easy and enjoyable at MKAI. Our young professionals must take advantage of this platform to help shape the future with AI.
Greg Coquillo
Two-Time Linkedin Top Voice
MKAI is doing great work in creating awareness around AI through an inclusive and diverse community of AI experts, engineers, practitioners and enthusiasts. I am honoured to be a part of their community and have contributed to their mission.
Muhammad Ali
PhD Researcher in AI at UCL
I recently spoke at an MKAI event - and it couldn't possibly have been a better experience for the participants (or for me!).
Dr. JT Kostman
CEO at ProtectedBy.AI
It was a great pleasure for me to work with MKAI on AI Ethics and Responsible AI. Excellent people from practice and academia together, a wonderful organization!
Christoph Lütge
Director at TUM Institute
At MKAI, we aren’t only learning new things but documenting and sharing our story, and, in that way, helping others find their place in shaping our future. And that’s where I finally unearthed my true self. I found a new home, a place where I feel fully supported, empowered and able to thrive.
Aleksandra Hadzic
Head of Insights and Analytics at MKAI
Having had the pleasure to not only attend MKAI forums but also speak at the events twice in the past, I can honestly say that it’s at the absolute forefront of sharing and exploring new ideas within the world of artificial intelligence. Whether you’re looking for very practical discussions around the implementation of AI or the ethical and philosophical sides of the matter, MKAI will bring you the absolute best people from around the world to present their ideas.
Jon Thor Sigurleifsson
Corporate Punk & Creative Nerd
MKAI is a great platform for knowledge sharing, holding some truly amazing events where the host is awesome, guests are very cool and with participation from a truly diverse set of people. The platform fosters an environment in which knowledge can be discovered, validated, adopted and applied.
Neeraj Satpall
Managing Director at Xtrasio
I am grateful to Richard Foster-Fletcher, the CEO of MKAI for inviting me to join the MKAI Inclusive group. Though I have no AI expertise, I feel that my participation, questions, comments, as well as my voice have mattered to the group and the processes of establishing AI Ethics. It has been a great opportunity to increase my knowledge and growth in many diverse areas such as policies and procedures implemented by the international community. I've learned more on areas outside of my field such as quantum physics, droids, and algorithms than I might have otherwise. Thank you, MKAI for your wisdom, care, support, inclusion, and intelligence. I feel a sense of confidence in the world we live in because of the MKAI's diligence and foresight. Thank you.
Dr. Manijeh Motaghy
Human Software Optimization Modality Author
Within The Life Map we are interested in fulfilling our individual and collective responsibility to sustain life for today’s generations - and tomorrow’s. We work with the components that sustain life and use The Life Map as a method for consistently connecting knowledge, engagement and activity throughout society. Technology will be integral to our ability to make data about these components that sustain life - aligned to the UN SDGs, accessible, understandable and usable. Involvement with the members of the MKAI community and discussion groups has developed these themes. A number of us are involved in national, European and global projects and initiatives that are likely to change our future. The input from MKAI is increasing the chances that these changes will be an improvement.
Edward Darling
Chief Executive Redlist Revival.
MKAI is a diverse community of professionals and students from various fields. It has helped in expanding and broadening visions on AI that can be used in various fields of our lives. It is not just a community but a place where you can share, learn and grow together and yet have a lot of fun while doing the same.
Manpreet Budhraja
Product Analyst at Angel One
I've had the pleasure of both presenting at and attending MKAI events and I have found the group to be overwhelmingly friendly, inclusive and full of diverse ideas and individuals - exactly what you need to avoid bias in AI! This is a community that reminds me of the old days of tech but with a much more supportive and welcoming environment.
Sarah Mannion
Technology Evangelist"