Rethinking Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Reading Time: 5 minutes This year (2021) has been a remarkably productive one in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Several large artificial intelligence projects have received additional funding, and it is expected that […]

Purposeful or Powerful Use of AI Innovation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Things can’t be either ethical or unethical, as everything is relevant. Therefore, there remains a need for continuous education on social values and culture to understand how the world works before challenging its reflection in advanced AI systems.

ESG Guidelines and Data Governance in Organizations

Reading Time: 7 minutes The importance given to the theme Corporate Governance has evolved in recent years to include the ESG guidelines (Environmental, Societal and Governance), which translated in the AI Strategy, involves the […]

Making decisions with data-driven AI

Reading Time: 5 minutes People are rightfully protective of their personal data. They have responsibilities to follow and uphold to use the data in question (i.e., precious data). However, data collection and analyzing the data with machine learning algorithms can be expensive, time-consuming, and complex.

Rethinking data, information & technology

Reading Time: 5 minutes We’re surrounded with devices collect a lot of personal information in terms of optimizing the process. This use of data has a specific monetary value. That data collected is then used to train the AI, and the data contains patterns that the AI can recognize. Understanding the data on which it is built is critical if we are looking for ethical AI or developing ethical AI – this builds trust.