Swordsman Studio Lands $2.5M For New PvP VR Combat Game

Swordsman VR’s developer secured $2.5M in fundraising for a new PvP VR combat game.

Best known for creating Swordsman VR, Canadian developer Sinn Studio has begun looking to its next project. Announced via NewsWire, this $2.5 million funding round was led by Hartmann Capital, with contributions from Boost VC, Republic, Alumni Ventures, Mana Ventures, MetaVision, and Chris Ye of Uken Games.

Described as a free-to-play experience, little is currently known beyond this being a player vs player (PvP) combat experience. It’s being developed using Sinn Studio’s ‘Combat Engine’ and supported by a Large Intent Model (LIM), which is described as a neural network designed to “discern and learn from the intricate subtleties of human motion during combat.”

Released in 2020 on Steam, it’s been a long journey for Swordsman VR. Later arriving on Quest, Pico and PSVR 2, Sinn Studio has continued releasing post-launch updates like the training grounds and ranged combat. Currently, it’s unclear what’s coming next and while the developer previously outlined its roadmap via a public Trello board, that’s no longer accessible.