Survivorman VR Experience Leaves You Stranded

Ever wonder if you could survive an explosive helicopter crash and survive stranded in the wild?

The hit Canadian television show Survivorman is back in the form of a new VR game for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets. Survivorman VR: Into the Descent tasks you with surviving a near-fatal helicopter crash and surviving an unforgiving mountain environment using important outdoor survival skills. You’ll scavenge for supplies, hunt for food, and explore precarious glacial crevasses, all while descending the mountain in search of rescue.

Thankfully, you won’t be alone during the harrowing ordeal. Along the way, you’ll be joined by the Survivorman himself, Les Stroud, who will support you with life-saving survival knowledge. Just like a real survival scenario, you’ll need to manage your body temperature, fatigue, and hunger by building and maintaining fires, conserving your energy, and hunting for food.

Unlike existing VR survival games like Green Hell VR or Song in the Smoke, Survivorman VR: Into the Descent features no weapons to master or enemies to fight. Instead, players battle extreme temperatures and dangerous environmental obstacles.

“I’ve spent decades challenging myself and showing people what it is like to survive in the most extreme situations,” said Survivorman creator and star Les Stroud in an official release. “I’ve worked closely with Cream to ensure Survivorman VR is as authentic as possible, so that when you head into these challenges, you’ll go through everything I do any time I step into the great outdoors.” 

“We have a tremendous respect for Les and Survivorman, and we’re excited that Survivorman VR may actually teach people some hands-on survival skills that could be applied in the real world,” added Andrew MacDonald, Executive Creative Producer at Cream Productions. “We’re excited to help players step into Les’s boots.” 

Survivorman VR: Into the Descent launches in early 2023 on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets. For more information visit

Image Credit: Cream Productions

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