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From Richard Foster-Fletcher’s Talk


AI Principles of Telefónica

In October 2018, the Executive Committee adopted these Artificial Intelligence Principles. In addition, they have a governance model to ensure effective implementation within the company.

GE Healthcare guiding principles of AI

Why prioritising AI ethics can inspire trust & confidence

Scotiabank Fund for the AI + Society Initiative

"At Scotiabank, our investment in AI goes beyond the implementation of new tools and technologies," says Lora Paglia, Senior Vice President of Global Risk Management, Analytics. "We are committed to being leaders in the development of principles, guidelines and training for the appropriate application of this powerful technology."

Open Ethics Initiative

Since its launch in 2018, the Open Ethics initiative paved the way for the industry to fundamentally rethink how to deal with the information asymmetry between those who develop, deploy — and those who consume services, delivered via autonomous technologies, such as artificial intelligence.


To examine and analyze the downside risks associated with the ubiquitous advance of AI & Automation, to engage in risk mitigation and ensure the optimal outcome… ForHumanity.


Saidot is a platform for teams, who want to make their AI transparent and explainable and invite their end-users into a dialogue around transparency. is a global repository of reference & research material for anyone interested in the current discussions on AI ethics and impact of AI on individuals and society.

Presentation Slides

Here's the slides from Richard Foster-Fletcher's talk on 9th March 2021