Timings and Panorama for the Inclusive MKAI Global AI Ethics and Safety – People’s Summit

Inclusive MKAI Global AI Ethics and Safety - People's Summit ​

Evolving Panorama and Timings for the Day

Activities on arrival include a Quotes Auction and Voting Boards, both in-person and online. These activities aim to immediately engage participants in the day’s theme of AI and Risk.

The welcome session sets the tone for the day, introducing the strategic importance of ethical AI and safety. The aim is to establish a shared understanding and context for the day’s discussions.

The keynote address from Richard Foster-Fletcher aims to delve into why ethics have become a business imperative in the AI age. The conversational style and questions are designed to provoke thought and set the stage for the day. Keynote Title: GenAI Ethics: The Road Less Travelled? Richard will dive into three pivotal topics: 1️⃣ A lack of acknowledgement of AI risk uncertainty 2️⃣ Loss of human agency 3️⃣ Asymmetry of knowledge


This panel discussion aims to explore a multi-stakeholder approach to AI safety. The interactive Q&A and the empty chair concept are designed to include diverse perspectives.

This break serves as a strategic interlude, offering a moment for reflection and informal dialogue among participants.


The panel aims to discuss the business case for ethical AI development, particularly focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

This lunch break offers a moment for thought leadership, possibly through a slideshow or a recorded forum, aiming to keep the intellectual engagement alive.

This forum scrum aims to explore corporate governance perspectives on AI transparency through scenario-based discussions.


  • Ryan Carrier, Executive Director at ForHumanity
  • Kerryn Arnott, AI Ethics and Governance Consultant
  • Katja Andric, AI Policy Analyst at GSK
  • Prof. Ali Hessami, VC & Process Architect, IEEE Ethics Certification Programme for Autonomous & Intelligent Systems at IEEE Standards Association

This panel aims to discuss corporate responsibility in AI ethics, focusing on public awareness and engagement.

This strategic interlude aims to include the voice of the next generation, discussing best, expected, and worst-case scenarios in generative AI.


This panel aims to explore business-led initiatives for ethical AI, focusing on collaborative solutions.

This concluding session aims to synthesise the day’s discussions and insights, setting the stage for a press release capturing the collective wisdom of the forum.

Nick Bostrom’s session aims to challenge the forum with questions or provocations that will extend the day’s discussions into future engagements.

The closing remarks aim to thank all participants and lay down the next steps for staying engaged as a community.

Your Guide to Engaging with the MKAI AI Safety and Ethics – People’s Summit

Access: Accessing the Summit Online: Simply navigate to Vimeo Event Page. No login or sign-up is required. You’ll have full access to the live summit, including insights from our esteemed speakers, both on stage and those joining remotely.

Contribution: Interactive Participation: We’re using Padlet as our interactive platform for questions, insights, comments, and more. To get the most out of this, consider downloading the Padlet App for iPhone or Android and creating a login. While you can participate without a login, having one allows us to credit your contributions and seek further insights. 

Ongoing Dialogue: The conversation has already kicked off in our MKAI WhatsApp group. Feel free to join us there for real-time reflections and discussions. It’s a great way to stay connected and extend the dialogue beyond the summit.

Your Hosts and Support Team

Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair at MKAI.Org
Paul Levy, Design Advisor at MKAI.Org
Gerry Copitch, Development Director at MKAI.org 
Jaisal Surana, Head of Advocacy and XR Safety Lead at MKAI.Org
Hazel Reambillo, Director of Marketing at MKAI.Org
Aleksandra Hadzic, Director of Insights at MKAI.Org
Karen Beraldo, Director of Communications at MKAI.Org
Louise Bjork,  Senior Change Adviser at International Committee of the Red Cross

Supporting Partners:

Markus Krebsz, Founding Director at The Human AI Institute & UN AI Policy Author and Project Lead at UNECE WP.6
Nicola Strong, Managing Director at Strong Enterprises Limited
Peter Joyce, CEO and International Capacity Architect
Gisele Waters, Working Group Chair, IEEE Standards Association

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