Subside Demo Delivers Breathtaking Swimming Visuals On SteamVR

Graphics can be a touchy subject in VR. Standalone headsets are only capable of so much on their own, but consoles and PCs are expensive. When something like Subside comes along, though, even an early access Steam demo can help us all pause, look around, and take in what really eye-catching visuals can do to transport you somewhere else.

The new demo from A2D is available on Steam as of this writing with a full release listed as “coming soon”.

You can simply reach out in front of you and spread your arms out to swim beneath the churning waters to see a world that’s teeming with life. Schools of fish dart through the water with fluid motion while sunbeams filter through the water creating shafts of light in a visual feast. Some may never get to experience diving into clear waters like these, making Subside immediately transportive on the power of these elements alone.


A2D’s swimming mechanic feels intuitive and, more importantly, realistic. The resistance of water feels palpable as you paddle through the sea, and buoyancy seems to replicate the feeling of bobbing and diving.

The demo for Subside offers a glimpse of a satisfying underwater excursion and we’ll be curious to take a deeper dive into whenever we get the chance. Subside is definitely on our radar now, and if you have a PC and VR headset around we recommend giving the free demo a quick look on Steam.