Stride Fates Campaign Delayed, Now Arriving In 2023

Joy Way confirmed Fates, the upcoming solo campaign for Stride, is delayed until 2023.

Following a new trailer during the Upload VR 2022 Winter Showcase (where Joy Way also announced Red Flowers and Stack),  an hour-long episode of the Stride campaign was previously targeting a December 15 release. However, that episode has now been cancelled, replaced by a “complete 5+ hour campaign” scheduled for next year. In a new statement, Joy Way cites “reactions to the announcement” as reason for the change. You can read the statement in full below:

STRIDE Fates will be released as a complete single-player campaign in 2023, the hour-long episode is cancelled.

Please check the full announcement below:

— Joy Way — VR Games Devs (@JoyWayVR) December 14, 2022


We came away with mixed feelings during our Stride review last year. Reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge by EA, we believed there’s a great foundation with “fast and fluid gameplay” that just didn’t apply itself properly. Earlier in the year, Joy Way released Stride’s multiplayer update, which added full-body player models and private lobbies. After leaving early access in June, Stride introduced new multiplayer modes, alongside separate updates like a fitness UI

Stride Fates arrives as a free update for the Meta Quest platform and PC VR via Steam in 2023, promising “new parkour mechanics, new physics, and new characters.” The full game is available now for $14.99.