Straylight Takes You On A Cosmic Adventure Next Year For Quest, PC VR & PSVR

After nearly three years in early access, developer Dr Bloc confirms VR platformer Straylight’s full 1.0 release will arrive next year on Quest, PC VR, and PSVR.

Initially launched in February 2020 on Steam, Straylight’s full release has faced significant delays. After missing its previous Q3 2021 release window, it’s now arriving on January 31, 2023, as revealed during the Upload VR 2022 Winter Showcase. You can watch the announcement trailer below.

Straylight’s premise sees you grabbing onto stars like anchor points, shooting beams to propel yourself around obstacles. Promising “easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master mechanics,” here’s a full description, courtesy of Dr Bloc:

Swing through a gorgeous yet deadly obstacle course that evokes the simplicity, difficulty, and fun of old-school platform gaming, but in a way that can only be experienced in VR. Soar, fly, and fling forward into a beautiful cosmic playground while navigating difficult challenges to reach the end of each stage. Shoot the STRAYLIGHT’s beams to thrust into the dark void of space, connecting to anchor nodes and propelling over, under, around, and across increasingly rigorous obstacles.

Outlining version 1.0’s changes on the Steam page, Straylight includes 24 levels, “something approaching a story,” achievements, new voiceovers and music, plus leaderboards. There’s also collectible ‘Ghosts’ you can race against, or you can compete to beat your own times.

Straylight 1.0 releases on January 31 for the Meta Quest platform (via App Lab and SideQuest) and PSVR for $19.99. Otherwise, the early access release is available now on PC VR via Steam.